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      Dental Insurance

      Wisconsin Dental Insurance Providers

      Big smiles, small smiles, crooked, gapped; no matter how straight or imperfect your teeth are, Momentum insures all smiles! Enroll in one of our affordable dental plans today. Generally, our plan prices match or beat that of our competitors and the quality of coverage is unrivaled. Unlike companies that sell both health and dental insurance, Momentum specializes specifically in dental insurance, ensuring our customer top-notch dental care from premium dentists in their area. Our provider network includes dentists in hundreds of locations across Wisconsin; so no matter where you live, our plans will work for you. Find the Momentum dentist nearest you today.

      For individuals like college students, seniors, individuals who can’t get insurance through work or their parents’ plan, married couples, and families, Momentum offers two dental insurance plan options: the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan

      Learn more about our individual dental insurance plans, including rates, deductibles, coverage of dental services, and plan exclusions.

      For businesses, small or large, Momentum offers customized group dental insurance plans. We’ll help you find a plan to meet your employees’ coverage needs and your business’ budget. Paying for some or all of your employees’ dental premiums does yield tax benefits, but not all employers choose to offer dental as part of their benefits package. Many employees in Wisconsin simply prefer the convenience of getting dental insurance through their employer and are happy to pay for their premiums straight from their check out of pre-taxed dollars. Connect with one of our sales reps to get a group quote or to discuss your options today.

      No Matter Where You Live in Wisconsin, We’ve Got the Right Dental Insurance Plan for You

      Momentum has a number of affordable individual dental plans and dental plans for seniors and comprehensive group dental plans to choose from. In comparison to the out-of-pocket cost of bi-annual dental cleanings, an emergency dental visit, or procedures – including cavities, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, periodontics, and more – dental insurance will ultimately save you money.

      Dental Services and Insurance Coverage

      *Momentum’s Gold and Platinum Plans cover a portion of these services. See plan details for more information.

      Affordable Rates for Any Budget

      Why Choose Momentum?

      When compared to other dental insurance companies, Momentum offers the lowest rates. Under our dental plans, you’re guaranteed the most affordable costs and high-quality care. All of the dentists in our network of providers are NCQA credentialed.

      Compare Dental Plans

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