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      Dental Insurance

      in Racine, WI

      Coverage You Can Trust

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      Racine Dental Insurance Providers

      Momentum lets Racine residents get great dental coverage at a great price and, thanks to our easy enrollment process, it won’t be like pulling teeth! Enroll online today to get quality dental insurance that will make you smile.

      Momentum Insurance provides affordable oral health care plans to families, businesses, and individuals. Our individual dental insurance plans and group coverage provide access to a large network of dental care providers. To find a dentist or a dental clinic that accepts Momentum Insurance, start with the below search. 

      With Momentum Plans, dental insurance is affordable. Our plans are easy to understand and are personalized to fit your needs. Select from Gold, & Platinum individual dental plans that cover a wide variety of dental services and routine cleanings.

      Dental insurance for smaller businesses is a possibility because Momentum group dental plans are affordable and flexible; to meet the size of your business today and as it grows. Our plans can be customized based on the company’s needs, size, and many other factors.

      Coverage Available at Every Life Stage

      If you’re looking for affordable dental insurance rates in Racine or the surrounding areas, your search ends here. Momentum has a selection of individual dental plans perfect for:

      Dental Insurance in Racine, WI

      Coverage Offered

      Momentum has a number of affordable individual dental plans and comprehensive group dental plans to choose from. In comparison to the out-of-pocket cost of bi-annual dental cleanings, an emergency dental visit, or procedures – including cavities, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, periodontics, and more – dental insurance will ultimately save you money.

      *Momentum’s Gold and Platinum Plans cover a portion of these services. See plan details for more information.

      Employee Dental Coverage for Small and Large Businesses Alike

      Group Dental Plans

      If you’re shopping for group dental insurance, give Momentum a call to discuss your options. We can help you offer multiple plans for your employees to choose from, customized coverage and a variety of deductions to meet your business’ specific needs.

      An employer who offers dental insurance to their employees fosters a healthy and happy work environment. Studies show the most talented applicants often choose the prospective job offering dental insurance over the ones that doesn’t. Covering dental insurance contributes greatly to higher workplace morale and increased productivity, because your employees can see you care about them and their families’ good health and wellbeing. We can offer a group dental insurance plan perfectly suited to your business.

      Individual Dental Coverage

      There are many reasons you might find yourself without dental insurance. Employers are not required to offer dental coverage. You might be in college, retired, working freelance, or in-between jobs, but that’s no excuse to go without quality dental care. Individual plans are available to anyone in Racine who is without dental coverage for any reason.

      Family Dental Insurance Plans

      Keep every member of your family covered, for preventive check-ups and more with our wide range of flexible family dental plans. They start with coverage for up to four family members and allow more people to be added as your family expands. If your son has a cavity, or your spouse needs a root canal, Momentum has you covered!

      Affordable Rates for Any Budget

      Why Choose Momentum?

      When compared to other dental insurance companies, Momentum offers the lowest rates. Under our dental plans, you’re guaranteed the most affordable costs and high-quality care. All of the dentists in our network of providers are NCQA credentialed.

      Compare Dental Plans

      Dental Insurance for Seniors

      Most Americans over the age of 65 get their health coverage through Medicare. But Medicare does NOT automatically provide a senior dental plan, so seniors must add coverage on their own. If you want to be covered for preventive dental care or emergency procedures, or if you think you might need dentures either now or in the near future, we have individual plans tailored to the needs of senior citizens.

      Dental Insurance for College Students

      Sometimes when we’re young, we can feel like we’re invincible, but accidents still happen. If you’re uninsured, a broken tooth can be prohibitively expensive. And even if you have good oral hygiene and think you’re past the age of cavities, that doesn’t mean you should stop with bi-annual dental checkups. According to the American Association of Dental Hygienists, 75% of adults have some form of gum disease and most are completely unaware of that fact. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the 25% who have disease-free gums? Dental insurance can help you manage the costs of emergencies, preventive care, and more. It’s important to be covered when you’re young because taking care of your teeth and gums now will pay off big later in life.

      Dental Coverage in Wisconsin

      Momentum Insurance has a complete network of dentists located in Racine and throughout Wisconsin. Whether you’re in a small town or bustling concrete jungle, there’s a dentist for you.

      Our dental network covers most Wisconsin cities, including:

      Areas Served:


      Union Grove
      Wind Point

      Mouth Pleasant
      Elmwood Park

      North Bay

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