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      Dental Insurance

      for Students

      Momentum Plans provides affordable dental insurance for students throughout Wisconsin.

      Affordable Dental Coverage You Can Smile About

      Dental Plans for Students in Wisconsin

      If you’re a college student under the age of 26, you’re likely insured through your parent’s dental plan. But, if you’re older than 26, your parents do not have dental insurance, or some other circumstance has left you uninsured, getting dental care coverage is still easy! Momentum Plans offer students in Wisconsin high quality, comprehensive dental insurance options.

      Momentum Insurance provides affordable oral health care plans to families, businesses, and individuals. Our individual dental insurance plans and group coverage provide access to a large network of dental care providers. To find a dentist or a dental clinic that accepts Momentum Insurance, start with the below search. 

      If your dental needs are minimal — you typically only need to visit the dentist for two teeth cleanings a year — and you’re looking for a cost-effective dental insurance plan, Momentum’s Gold Plan is the package for you!

      Our Platinum Plan provides the highest level of coverage offered by Momentum. Members under this plan receive full coverage with no deductible on preventive services and no waiting period on bi-annual dental check-ups.

      Are You a College Student in Need of Dental Care?

      When your time and thoughts are consumed by classes, homework, tests, and socializing, it’s easy for dental care to get placed on the back burner. Maybe dental insurance seems like an unnecessary expense on an already tight budget.

      Whatever your reasons for not having regular dental care, consider the reasons you should get dental insurance before deciding against it.

      Affordable Dental Insurance for Students

      We Have You Covered

      Dental Insurance Plans for Students

      Momentum has to great individual comprehensive dental insurance plans for college students to choose from — the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Both have a low deductible of $50 per person and monthly premiums range from $35 – $45 for single individuals. In comparison to the out-of-pocket cost of bi-annual dental cleanings, an emergency dental visit, or procedures – including fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, periodontics, and more – dental insurance will ultimately save you money.

      We offer plans that cover the following:

      *Momentum’s Gold and Platinum Plans cover a portion of these services. See plan details for more information.

      Dental Coverage in Wisconsin

      Momentum Plans has a vast network of dentists to choose from, with hundreds of locations throughout Wisconsin so finding a dentist near your school or home is easy! Dentists accepting Momentum dental insurance plans are all NCQA credentialed, ensuring students who choose Momentum as their dental insurer receive top-notch dental care.

      Our dental network covers most Wisconsin cities, including:

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