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      Dental Insurance

      for Fillings

      Save on Restorative Dental Costs with Momentum

      Wisconsin Insurance Plans Cover Restorative Fillings

      Dental Coverage for Fillings

      Fillings are one of the most common dental procedures performed in Wisconsin. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research estimates 92% of all adults have cavities and tooth decay. This decay can lead to cavities which require fillings to treat. Fortunately, Momentum Plans provides coverage for fillings through our dental insurance plans.

      Momentum Insurance provides affordable oral health care plans to families, businesses, and individuals. Our individual dental insurance plans and group coverage provide access to a large network of dental care providers. To find a dentist or a dental clinic that accepts Momentum Insurance, start with the below search. 

      If your dental needs are minimal — you typically only need to visit the dentist for two teeth cleanings a year — and you’re looking for a cost-effective dental insurance plan, Momentum’s Gold Plan is the package for you!

      Our Platinum Plan provides the highest level of coverage offered by Momentum. Members under this plan receive full coverage with no deductible on preventive services and no waiting period on bi-annual dental check-ups.

      Save More with Momentum Dental Insurance

      Compare the Cost of Fillings

      The benefits members receive under Momentum Insurance Plans greatly outweigh the cost of out-of-pocket dental expenses. With a Gold or Platinum plan, you can save up to 75% on restorative dental services, including fillings. 

















      *Prices based on national average; actual cost may vary.

      Dental Fillings for All Ages, Families, & Occupations

      Momentum has a variety of plans that cover different individuals, families, and job statuses.

      We Have You Covered

      Filling Materials Covered by Momentum

      Momentum Plans offer coverage of amalgam and composite fillings. Specifically, amalgam for posterior teeth and composites on anterior teeth. Amalgams are usually made from a silver alloy, though other materials are available as well. Like more expensive porcelain, plastic composite fillings are white to match the color of your teeth. Thanks to Momentum Plans insurance, they are available at a fraction of the cost.

      Customized Coverage for Restorative Dental Services

      If you are looking for customized coverage, our individual and group plans are available. The individual Protect Plan has discounted fillings available through Dental Health Associates of Madison, while certain group plans can include special coverage for fillings and other cavity treatments.

      Aside from dental fillings, Momentum Insurance Plans can also help with the cost of cleanings and other procedures, including:

      Affordable Rates for Any Budget

      Why Choose Momentum?

      When compared to other dental insurance companies, Momentum offers the lowest rates. Under our dental plans, you’re guaranteed the most affordable costs and high-quality care. All of the dentists in our network of providers are NCQA credentialed.

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