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      Dental Insurance

      for Crowns

      Save on Dental Crowns with Momentum

      Wisconsin Dental Insurance Plans

      Coverage for Dental Crowns

      If you have a recently broken tooth or are in need of a root canal, you’ll likely need to schedule an appointment to get a dental crown. Dental crowns are used to cover damaged teeth to preserve the appearance of your smile & function of your teeth. Crowns are usually made from porcelain or composite materials to match the color and shape of your original tooth to keep your appearance as natural as possible. As such a common procedure, it’s necessary to have a dental insurance plan that provides coverage for crowns.

      Momentum Insurance provides affordable oral health care plans to families, businesses, and individuals. Our individual dental insurance plans and group coverage provide access to a large network of dental care providers. To find a dentist or a dental clinic that accepts Momentum Insurance, start with the below search. 

      If your dental needs are minimal — you typically only need to visit the dentist for two teeth cleanings a year — and you’re looking for a cost-effective dental insurance plan, Momentum’s Gold Plan is the package for you!

      Our Platinum Plan provides the highest level of coverage offered by Momentum. Members under this plan receive full coverage with no deductible on preventive services and no waiting period on bi-annual dental check-ups.

      Save with Momentum Dental Insurance

      Without insurance, the cost of dental crowns range from $860 to $3,000. Under Momentum’s Gold and Platinum insurance plans, you receive 50% coverage on crowns.

      Don’t let the cost of a dental crown stop you from getting the oral care you need. Momentum Insurance Plans Inc. helps with overall cost to help keep your smile healthy. 

      Wisconsin Dental Insurance that Covers Crowns

      Individual Protect Plan Coverage

      The Protect Individual Plan includes courtesy discounts on crowns through the Dental Health Associates of Madison. This plan is specifically designed for residents of the Madison area. Contact Momentum Plans to learn more about individual dental insurance plans.

      Group Dental Plans

      Group plans through Momentum Plans can be customized to include the exact percentage of coverage everyone wants and needs. This includes coverage for the installation of dental crowns. Plans can be employer-sponsored or voluntary.

      Affordable Rates for Any Budget

      Why Choose Momentum?

      When compared to other dental insurance companies, Momentum offers the lowest rates. Under our dental plans, you’re guaranteed the most affordable costs and high-quality care. All of the dentists in our network of providers are NCQA credentialed.

      Compare Dental Plans

      Dental Crown Coverage FAQs

      A dental crown is usually used in situations where the top surface of the tooth is damaged but the interior and root still are relatively healthy. By using a dental crown instead of an ordinary filling, your dentist helps to ensure the tooth stays intact. A crown makes the tooth stronger while guarding it against decay and other issues in the future.

      Anyone can need a dental crown, which is why Momentum offers dental insurance plans that cover crowns for, seniorsveteransfamilies and individuals.

      As with any dental procedure, tooth crown cost can vary. Common factors that can influence the cost include the level of damage the affected tooth, plus the composition of the new crown. Without dental insurance, a crown for a single tooth typically costs around $600. Traditional medical insurance rarely covers this.

      Momentum’s individual dental insurance plans make crowns and other expensive procedures more affordable. Our Gold and Platinum plans cover 50% of the cost of crowns after a 12 month waiting period, and our Protect Plan provides discount savings on regularly priced crowns through the Dental Health Associates of Madison. The cost of a crown with insurance is much more affordable than paying out-of-pocket.

      Getting a dental crown usually requires two visits to the dentist. Much of the work actually takes place during the first visit. At that time, an impression of the teeth is taken and the tooth that will be treated is prepared. At the end of the visit, a temporary crown is placed on the tooth. The permanent one will take its place during the second visit.

      During the second visit, the crown is installed on the tooth. Because of the dental impression that was made before, the fit should be perfect. Dental crowns are intended to be very long-lasting. People who have dental crowns can return to their normal activities right away. They should continue brushing and flossing as usual unless advised otherwise by the dentist.

      A traditional dental crown is supported by the tooth’s natural root and an implant is used when a tooth is missing or must be completely removed. The implant contains its own support system replacing the natural root with a titanium screw.

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