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      Get Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period

      Don’t Wait for Dental Care in Wisconsin

      Dental insurance plans often include mandatory waiting periods for new members. Why get insurance if you can’t use it when you need it? At Momentum Plans, we provide several dental insurance plans without mandatory waiting periods for diagnostic and preventative dental services to encourage better oral health.

      The following plans have no waiting period for diagnostic and preventative services:

      • Gold Plan
      • Platinum Plan
      • Protect Plan

      Learn more about each of these plans and why you shouldn’t wait for preventative care. Get the best dental insurance quotes in Wisconsin with Momentum today!

      The Dangers of Waiting for Preventative Dental Care

      If you are forced to delay dental treatment due to a waiting period, your condition can make day to day life incredibly painful. A painful tooth can make eating impossible and stress you out, making your overall health suffer as well. An untreated cavity can lead to an abscess, an infection in the root of your tooth.

      A diagnostic visit to the dentist can determine the source of your oral pain. Ignoring symptoms now can lead to worse consequences. Waiting even a few months can be dangerous. If an abscess grows, it can require hospitalization to fix. If untreated, it can even lead to death.

      With diagnostic treatment covered with no waiting period, you can find out what is causing your tooth pain. By knowing the source of your oral health problem, treatment can begin.

      Gold Individual Dental Insurance Plan

      The Gold Individual Plan from Momentum has no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive services. This means you get instant access to exams and cleanings covered at 80% once coverage starts.

      Other services like fillings or crowns have some waiting periods, depending on the procedure.

      This plan can cover individuals, 2 person families, 3+ person families, singles over 65, and couples over 65.

      Platinum Individual Dental Insurance Plan

      With the Platinum Plan, there are no waiting periods for diagnostic and preventive dental services. Bitewings and panoramic X-rays are covered at 100%  along with checkups. Fluoride treatment is available with cleanings for children under 19.

      Procedures like fillings or tooth extractions do have a 6 month waiting period. Root canal therapy and periodontics may have a 12 month waiting period.

      Like the Gold Plan, Platinum benefits are available for individuals, 2 person families, 3+ person families, singles over 65, and couples over 65.

      Protect Individual Plan

      The Protect Individual Plan is specifically designed for residents of the Madison, WI area. With this plan, you won’t have to deal with waiting periods, deductibles, or pre-authorizations. This plan only covers select preventive diagnostic services and offers discounted fees for restorative services.

      Do I Have to Wait for Any Dental Treatment with Momentum Plans?

      Under the Gold and Platinum Momentum Plans, there are waiting periods for basic restorative services and more advanced dental procedures like root canal therapy. These periods range from 6 months to 1 year.

      Can These Waiting Periods Be Waived?

      Yes, waiting periods may be waived for any procedure if you meet certain conditions. If you had employer-sponsored group insurance within 60 days of starting Momentum coverage, the waiting period may be waived. The same is true for having an individual policy within 30 days of your Momentum coverage starting.

      And in the event you need emergency palliative treatment to relieve tooth pain, there will be no waiting period.

      The sooner you have dental insurance, the sooner you can receive affordable treatment. Get the dental insurance coverage you need now from Momentum Plans. Contact us today to discover the best dental insurance plan for your needs.

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