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      How Improving Dental Health Improves Employee Productivity

      In today’s changing healthcare environment, professionals of all ages and backgrounds pay more attention to health. It has become well known that maintaining good dental health contributes to improvements in overall well-being that can improve quality of life.

      Sadly, many people don’t maintain dental insurance or benefit from it through their employer.

      According to recent research, about one third of Americans don’t visit the dentist in a given year. If care was more accessible, more people would make the appointment and discover dental health issues before they become crises.

      But – is it worth it for businesses to step in and offer dental insurance?

      Increasingly, the answer seems to be “yes.”

      Employer-Sponsored Dental Insurance is the Key to Good Dental Health

      The employment landscape is changing, and there are many reasons why businesses should look at dental insurance as a key part of their benefits package. When insurance is offered, it benefits both the enterprise and the workforce – supporting greater productivity and revenue.

      Let’s consider some reasons why:

      Knowledge Workers are Increasingly Keen to Move

      Currently, the U.S. economy is looking robust. The employees who stand to gain the most from this are “knowledge workers” with in-demand technical skills. They know that increasing their salary is often a matter of moving to another company – but good benefits, including dental benefits, are often taken into account.

      Why does it matter? While it might seem tempting to let an employee go rather than add to payroll, recruiting, and training incur significant costs. It might take months to find a replacement and get them up to speed. By the time they are contributing 100 percent, they are likely thinking about their own exit strategy. Benefits curb turnover and ensure continuity.

      Good Dental Care Means Fewer Emergencies

      People often ignore dental health situations until they become very serious. “Why go to the dentist,” they reason, “if there’s no toothache?” Unfortunately, this means that gum disease and other major problems can develop in the background, unnoticed.

      No matter how loyal or diligent an employee may be, it’s impossible to work with a significant dental problem. And severe gum disease might require numerous surgeries and follow-ups that can eat into an employee’s productivity – not to mention the distractions of pain and uncertainty.

      Dental insurance helps both experienced and new employees perform. Contact us to learn more.

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