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      Does Dental Insurance Cover Periodontal Services?

      Most patients understand that some dental insurance plans cover traditional procedures like cleanings or a root canal. But, what about other oral care issues like periodontal disease?

      Periodontal diseases are a leading cause of tooth pain and loss that may be linked with other chronic diseases, including diabetes. That’s why it’s important to choose a dental insurance that covers periodontal disease, enabling you to enjoy enhanced dental care.

      Common Examples of Periodontal Diseases

      • Gingivitis. The mildest form of periodontal disease. Gums become red, swollen, and are prone to bleeding. Gingivitis is the easiest form of periodontal disease to treat with a combination of professional cleaning and proper home care.
      • Chronic Periodontal Disease. More commonly diagnosed in patients over the age of 45, characteristics of chronic periodontal disease include inflammation below the gum line and the gradual destruction of gingival and bone tissue. This causes gums to recede, which gives teeth an elongated appearance.
      • Aggressive Periodontal Disease. This form of periodontal disease is similar to chronic periodontitis, but it involves a more rapid loss of gum attachments and bone tissues. It is more difficult to halt and treat, and is much more likely to require intensive surgical procedures.

      Periodontal Procedures and Dental Insurance

      Several of the dental insurance plans offered by Momentum Insurance Plans, include coverage for common periodontal procedures. If you would like assistance determining the best coverage for your and your family’s needs, let our professional Customer Service Team walk through the coverage options with you.

      Protect Plan Periodontal Coverage

      The Protect Individual Plan allows patients to get preventative periodontal care. This include treatment plans for treating gingivitis and other periodontal diseases.

      Gold Periodontal Coverage

      Periodontics are covered as other services by the Gold Plan. Patients receive 50% coverage on procedures and must undergo the full 12 months waiting period.

      Platinum Periodontal Coverage

      As with the Gold Plan, the Platinum Plan provides patients with 50% coverage on periodontics. There is still a 12 month waiting period after coverage begins, though this may be waived in certain circumstances.

      Momentum Insurance Plans

      Note that most insurance plans pay claims based on the procedures performed rather than the devices used to perform them. Whether you opt for traditional surgery or more modern laser therapy, you’re likely covered. Learn more about the specific coverage options we offer by contacting us today.

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