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      What to Look for in Dental Insurance Plans

      Health Insurance Coverage vs. Dental Insurance

      While health insurance is often trusted to cover the costs when healthcare bills become expensive, dental insurance focuses primarily on preventive coverage. Most dental insurance plans will cover 100% of the cost of preventive care like cleanings, checkups, and x-rays.

      On average, the annual cost of individual dental insurance is around $370-$540 and covers essential preventive care with assurance built in to cover an occasional filling or chipped tooth. Check out individual dental insurance plans from Wisconsin’s leading provider, Momentum Plans.

      Find the Dental Plan Right for You

      Knowing what your Wisconsin dental insurance plans will cover ahead of time will save you from the stress of expensive dentist bills in the future. Having a clear understanding of what dental plan fits your needs and knowing what’s right for you, will ensure you’re covered down the road. If braces or dentures is something you may need, it’s important to be certain your dental plan will cover them.

      Dental insurance plans typically do not cover restorative processes considered to be cosmetic. In the event you need veneers or any other cosmetic work done, you may want to consider payment options your dental provider offers. Contact Momentum Plans for help choosing a plan that’s right for you or your family. We will help you carefully consider all options available so you’re covered now and in the future.

      Deductibles and Co-Pays

      No matter what type of dental insurance plan you decide to go with, there will more than likely be a deductible and/or co-pays. As mentioned earlier, most dental plans will cover preventative care like cleanings and you will be paying out-of-pocket for services like:

      • Dental Crowns
      • Root Canals
      • Simple Tooth Extractions
      • Fillings

      Your Preferred Dentist

      If you have a dentist that you regularly see, it’s important to verify whether they are in-network by viewing the dental providers in Momentum Dental Plans networks.

      Waiting Periods

      Many dental plans often have waiting periods for major dental work. You’re better off signing up for a dental plan well in advance of any dental procedure needs. Waiting and finding a dental plan when you need a root canal or anything similar will be detrimental to your wallet.

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