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      Dental Insurance for Small Businesses

      Small Business Dental Offering

      Momentum’s dental insurance plans for small businesses in Wisconsin are ideal for their affordability and flexibility. With completely customizable dental plans, you can now offer dental insurance to meet the specific needs of your employees. Our group plan options are offered as employer-sponsored where the employer offers all or most of the coverage or employee-sponsored where the employer offers discounted rates for the employees to pay for it themselves.

      Why Your Business Should Get a Group Dental Plan

      Dental insurance is considered a basic benefit and is usually expected by employees. As a small business, it may be difficult to provide employees with benefits similar to what a large business may offer.  Dental insurance is an affordable benefit a small business can offer when purchased through Momentum Plans. Offering dental insurance to your employees is a great way to incentivize talented jobseekers to apply with your company and demonstrates a higher level of appreciation for your employees.

      By providing your employees with dental insurance you’re helping them live a healthier lifestyle. Healthy employees are usually happier employees with a better retention rate.

      Group Dental Plans from Momentum offer:

      • Flexible and wide-ranging plans available
      • Reliable access to Wisconsin’s dentists
      • Easy-to-use enrollment application with reliable customer support dedicated to promptness

      Momentum Group Insurance Plans

      Your small business or corporation can benefit greatly from a group dental insurance plan from Momentum. Customize a set of coverage parameters that will serve employees in all aspects of their dental health today.

      The Self-Employed? No Worries, We Have a Plan for You!

      We are able to help create a custom dental plan that will meet your current self-employed needs. We have tiered packages that can scale your company’s size and coverage needs for present time and future.

      Our dental plans are available to all small businesses located in Wisconsin, including Madison, Milwaukee and surrounding cites.

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