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      Why Reducing Dental Benefits Can Be Expensive

      Dental benefits are as important as other health insurance. Unfortunately, too many individuals and employers overlook the advantages of dental insurance. A good dental insurance policy pays for regular teeth cleaning and checkups, which is valuable as routine oral health care can prevent major dental and even major health problems.

      Dental issues

      Recent studies show that people without dental insurance plans put off going to the dentist until they have major problems such as a serious toothache. Some people go to emergency rooms in hospitals if they experience mouth pain. A hospital will give them pain killers or antibiotics, but they can rarely treat the problem.

      Most general dentists perform cleanings, treat the early stages of gingivitis, and care for cavities. Dental specialists are sometimes brought in to perform root canal therapy, prosthodontics, and oral surgery.

      Major issues such as infections that start in the mouth and teeth can spread to other parts of the body. These problems can become more serious and result in increased costs for healthcare.

      A recent study of California’s effort to control costs by cutting dental benefits from the state’s insurance plan resulted in 1,800 visits to emergency rooms in one year for dental problems. This included abscesses and other oral infections. Many of the patients were low income and did not seek dental care when the initial problems started and they let cavities become infections.

      California has since reinstated some of the dental coverage for Medicaid recipients to avoid expensive visits to emergency rooms for oral health problems.

      Health insurance programs

      Employers who offer group dental insurance plans will find that employee retention is higher. These programs usually include routine teeth cleaning, sealants, and exams at little or no cost to the patient. Checkups include X-rays that are helpful in finding cavities and other irregularities that can be corrected before they cause infections, gum disease and other health problems.

      People with dental benefits usually have a preferred dentist and they can contact the dentist’s office if they have a toothache or gum problem. A trip to the emergency room is not necessary.

      Dental care plans

      Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. offers Wisconsin employers different group plans for businesses who want to offer dental coverage to employees. Plans are tailored to fit the needs of people of all ages. Family plans are also available. Most plans include low or no deductible for regular checkups to prevent other problems. These dental benefits encourage employees to be proactive in maintaining good oral health.

      Momentum Insurance will work with businesses of all sizes to find the right dental benefits for their employees. Several plans with different dental benefits can be offered to employees. This includes plans for spouses and children. The employee with dependent children many also need orthodontic care.

      Both employer-sponsored plans and programs where employees can volunteer to join are available along with individual coverage for residents of Wisconsin.

      Dental health insurance for Wisconsin citizens is the specialty of Momentum Insurance Plans. Please contact us today for more information.

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