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Madison Group Insurance is Available

Momentum Introduces a Madison Dental HMO plan.

Momentum Insurance Plans, a Wisconsin-based dental insurer owned by the doctors of Dental Health Associates of Madison, has introduced the Momentum Dental HMO Plan.

By creating this plan, Momentum, and the doctors of DHA strive to increase access to affordable, high-quality dental insurance coverage for the people of Dane County.

The plan is available as of August 1, 2011 to Dane County employers.

The Momentum Dental HMO Plan is designed to help Dane County area companies control health care costs. A highly customizable group dental plan built around Madison’s premier dental health network, The Momentum Dental HMO Plan allows employers to design an affordable, high-quality dental plan providing security for their employees.
Advantages of the Momentum Dental HMO Plan include:

Unmatched Flexibility for Fitchburg Dental Insurance

The Momentum Dental HMO Plan has multiple areas for customization, each with multiple options, giving you nearly unlimited plan design choices. With the Momentum Dental HMO Plan, you choose:

  • Deductible Annual maximum your company’s percentage of coverage for the following: Diagnostic & Preventive Services, Basic Services, Major Services, Orthodontia/Endo/Perio/Oral Surgery
  • Employers may also offer the Momentum Dental HMO Plan on a voluntary basis, with employees covering 100% of the premium.

Middleton’s Premier Dental Health Network

The Momentum Dental HMO plan provider network includes all doctors at Dental Health Associates of Madison group. Madison’s largest group dental practice, the Dental Health Associates network, includes some of the state’s most respected Madison dentists, periodontists, and orthodontists. With 35 providers and seven locations, your employees are sure to find an in-network provider conveniently located close to work and home.

Personal Customer Service

Our knowledgeable sales staff will work closely with you to create a dental plan that’s affordable and offers the coverage you need. Once you enroll, if you or your employees ever have a question, our knowledgeable customer service representatives are conveniently located right here in Madison, Wisconsin, ready to help.

Dental Insurance is All We Do

Unlike other Wisconsin insurers, dental coverage is our sole focus. With our extensive expertise in professional dental care, and our long-standing relationship with the Madison community, we offer the stability you are looking for, and we are uniquely positioned to provide superior dental coverage with a personal touch.

Contact the Wisconsin dental insurance providers at Momentum Insurance Plans today for the best group dental insurance coverage plans for businesses of every size.

Why Reducing Dental Benefits Can Be Expensive

Dental Tools

Dental benefits are as important as other health insurance. Unfortunately, too many individuals and employers overlook the advantages of dental insurance. A good dental insurance policy pays for regular teeth cleaning and checkups, which is valuable as routine oral health care can prevent major dental and even major health problems.

Dental issues

Recent studies show that people without dental insurance plans put off going to the dentist until they have major problems such as a serious toothache. Some people go to emergency rooms in hospitals if they experience mouth pain. A hospital will give them pain killers or antibiotics, but they can rarely treat the problem.

Most general dentists perform cleanings, treat the early stages of gingivitis, and care for cavities. Dental specialists are sometimes brought in to perform root canal therapy, prosthodontics, and oral surgery.

Major issues such as infections that start in the mouth and teeth can spread to other parts of the body. These problems can become more serious and result in increased costs for healthcare.

A recent study of California’s effort to control costs by cutting dental benefits from the state’s insurance plan resulted in 1,800 visits to emergency rooms in one year for dental problems. This included abscesses and other oral infections. Many of the patients were low income and did not seek dental care when the initial problems started and they let cavities become infections.

California has since reinstated some of the dental coverage for Medicaid recipients to avoid expensive visits to emergency rooms for oral health problems.

Health insurance programs

Employers who offer group dental insurance plans will find that employee retention is higher. These programs usually include routine teeth cleaning, sealants, and exams at little or no cost to the patient. Checkups include X-rays that are helpful in finding cavities and other irregularities that can be corrected before they cause infections, gum disease and other health problems.

People with dental benefits usually have a preferred dentist and they can contact the dentist’s office if they have a toothache or gum problem. A trip to the emergency room is not necessary.

Dental care plans

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. offers Wisconsin employers different group plans for businesses who want to offer dental coverage to employees. Plans are tailored to fit the needs of people of all ages. Family plans are also available. Most plans include low or no deductible for regular checkups to prevent other problems. These dental benefits encourage employees to be proactive in maintaining good oral health.

Momentum Insurance will work with businesses of all sizes to find the right dental benefits for their employees. Several plans with different dental benefits can be offered to employees. This includes plans for spouses and children. The employee with dependent children many also need orthodontic care.

Both employer-sponsored plans and programs where employees can volunteer to join are available along with individual coverage for residents of Wisconsin.

Dental health insurance for Wisconsin citizens is the specialty of Momentum Insurance Plans. Please contact us today for more information.

What is a Root Canal?

When you need a root canal, it usually doesn’t come as a surprise. Root canals are routinely performed when an infection is present in the tooth, or pulp, or there has been excessive damage, leaving the tooth prone to an abscess. In an attempt to preserve your tooth, your dentist will recommend a root canal.

Although most patients dread the thought of root canals, what leads you to this procedure is usually more painful than the actual procedure itself. Infections deep within the tooth, and damaged pulp, are usually so painful, no relief can be found. The pain of an infected or damaged tooth can be so severe as to interrupt sleep, and prevent you from going about your normal, day-to-day activities. The procedure itself is no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled.

Because infection is present, your dental professional may prescribe a course of antibiotics, and possibly some prescription pain relief. Many patients find satisfactory relief from any post-procedure pain by taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen. Post-procedure pain typically doesn’t last beyond a few days.

What Warrants A Root Canal Procedure?

Your tooth is made up of passageways deep within, containing nerves and blood vessels, along with soft tissue called “pulp.” Each of your teeth can have three or more canals. If the tooth sustains damage, say, from a blow to the face, or decay that has gone unchecked, infection can develop within these canals. There’s usually no other way to prevent the spread of an infection within your tooth, or stop a painful abscess from forming, than performing a root canal.

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Preserving your natural tooth is optimum, so your dentist’s first course of treatment for infection within the tooth will be a root canal. Your dentist will make small holes in the crown of your tooth. Using minuscule instruments, he or she will go deep within your tooth’s root to extract all infected pulp. This controls the spread of infection, and helps stop any pain you may have. The tooth is then treated and sealed against further infection.

The pain experienced by a root canal treatment is minimal, and the procedure isn’t as invasive as oral surgery, therefore local anesthesia, such as that you receive when having a cavity filled, is preferred. If you have extreme anxiety, let your dental professional know ahead of time, and you may be able to have an alternative anesthesia or anxiety-reducing medication prior to your procedure. You’ll need someone with you to drive you home, in that case.

Post Procedure

Immediately after your procedure, you should go home and rest. Take the day off so that you can begin healing. Relieve any pain as directed by your dentist, and care for the affected tooth by not chewing with it. Stick to soft foods for a few days, until the treated area isn’t so sensitive.

You’ll likely be sent home with your tooth sporting a temporary crown. At a later date, your dentist will affix a permanent crown. Be mindful of the temporary crown, as it may not be quite as strong as your future permanent crown. Avoid damaging your crown by crunching down on hard food, or ice.

It usually takes no more than a few days to recover, but if you find you have pain or are still fairly sensitive in the area around the tooth, call your dentist immediately. It may be nothing more than a heightened sensitivity, or it could be a return of the infection, so it is best to have it checked.

Avoiding Treatment

It’s never advisable to delay a needed root canal treatment. Some individuals may be able to endure the pain, but without treatment, the infection will continue to worsen. Once the infection spreads from your tooth’s roots to the surrounding gum tissue and jaw, you can develop an abscess, or even a systemic infection, affecting your entire body. A systemic infection could land you in the hospital and even threaten your life. Take care to seek treatment from a qualified dentist for a painful tooth immediately.

A root canal doesn’t have to be a “big deal.” Today’s dental professionals, like those at the Dental Health Associates of Madison, are highly experienced in performing root canals. The procedure takes a short time, can be done in the office, is minimally invasive, and is typically no more bothersome than having a cavity filled.

Most of the cost of a root canal is usually covered by dental insurance, and many dental offices will set up payment plans for the patient’s portion of the bill. Please contact Momentum Insurance Plans for more information about our excellent coverage options available for Wisconsin residents.

Please remember that avoiding the problem won’t make it go away, and could actually cause greater damage to your tooth, jaw, and overall health. If you suspect you need a root canal, please contact your dentist today!

What Do Employees Expect With Benefits?

Give Your Employees Something to Smile About – Group Dental Insurance!

Employers in today’s business environment are expected to offer employees medical insurance, sick leave, and vacation time in accordance with state and federal laws. Employee benefits now include health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. The federal mandate offers a variety of plans that employers can offer through private insurance companies and state exchanges.

Many of the newer insurance plans include vision care, but dental care is often excluded. Employers can offer separate dental plans to employees although this is not required. A prospective employee with good qualifications and several job offers may decide to work for the company that offers the most comprehensive benefit package, which includes a dental plan.

Salary Versus Benefits

Salary is naturally the most popular aspect of employment. That is the major reason we work, after all, but the benefit package is also very important. A smart employee-relations interviewer will stress the great benefits offered by his or her company. This will include the medical and vacation benefits, along with other incentives. Dental insurance is one of the major extra employee benefits which job seekers desire.

Just ask a working parent the value of dental insurance along with medical coverage. The costs of teeth cleaning, fillings and other dental work, especially braces, can be overwhelming. A comprehensive individual or family dental plan can be a major enticement to hiring and keeping well-qualified employees, especially for employees with growing children.

“Fringe benefits” vary from employer to employer. They can include a special employee lounge or cafeteria, telecommuting privileges, free parking or providing employees with public transportation passes. Many large companies provide fitness club memberships or they have workout spaces on premises. Fringe benefits have their value, but they are not always of primary importance. Prospective employees don’t generally make decisions based on these minor benefits.

Employee-Sponsored Plans

While most working people will have some type of medical insurance, only about 57 percent of the population has dental coverage. Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. specializes in group dental plans for Wisconsin employers. These plans cover many dental services in addition to basic teeth cleaning and preventive care. Group plans generally have lower rates and less exclusions than individual plans.

Programs where the Wisconsin employer shares the cost of dental insurance are major employee benefits. There are many group plans available that cover a complete range of dental care. These may include:

  • Routine dental check-ups and cleaning
  • Fillings, root canal, and other procedures
  • Orthodontia
  • Oral surgery endodontic and periodontics procedures

Employees with a need for orthodontics will be pleased with an extra benefit that helps cover the cost. Plans can have annual out-of-pocket maximums and various deductibles. The dental plans covering orthodontics may be a benefit that sells the job to the prospective employee. This type of plan may help keep a valued employee who is entertaining other offers.

Wisconsin Voluntary Dental Insurance

Many companies offer voluntary dental insurance to employees. Employees pay 100 percent of the premium but they receive group rates, which are lower than individual dental insurance plans. Payments are made through payroll deductions at no additional cost to the employer.

This voluntary program is an important part of the benefit package. Preventive care and other procedures including emergency services are offered with consideration for the unique needs of the employee group.

People often neglect dental care until there is a problem, but preventive care is important for oral health and overall health. Heart disease, diabetes and other diseases are connected to poor oral health. Identifying problems early is in everyone’s best interest.

Dental insurance is now a major component of employee benefits offered to hire and retain people who work for companies of all sizes. Momentum Insurance Plans works exclusively with dental insurance, so we know it very well. Group plans are available for all Wisconsin companies and small businesses. We can help you find the plans that best suit your employees based on their individual needs.

Contact Momentum Insurance Plans for more information on keeping your Wisconsin employees happy, healthy, and smiling.

The Misconceptions and Benefits of Wisconsin Voluntary Dental Insurance

The Voluntary Dental Insurance Wisconsin Relies on for Exceptional Employee Benefits

Momentum Insurance Plans is dedicated to informing and educating our neighbors on all parts of the dental insurance industry. We believe in providing a useful resource of information to help you make a dental insurance decision you are fully satisfied with. We understand how confusing group and voluntary dental insurance can be, which is why we have put together this informative guide of everything you need to know about group dental insurance. Momentum fully explains the misconceptions and benefits of Wisconsin group dental insurance plans, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

Common Voluntary Dental Insurance Misconceptions

Voluntary dental insurance is a supplemental benefit offered by employers which employees have the choice of utilizing through a voluntary payment. Although this benefit is growing in popularity it is not as commonly understood as other forms of dental insurance. Momentum Dental Plans explains a few of the most common misconceptions below to help you fully understand voluntary dental insurance.

  • Misconception: Group dental insurance is not important to employee retention or productivity:
    • Fact: Employees who enjoy the benefits of voluntary dental insurance are twice as loyal as those who are not satisfied.
    • Fact: A majority of employees say group dental benefits, among other benefits, are an important reason to join an employer or stay with their current employer.
    • Fact: More than half of employees are willing to bear more benefit costs in order to have a wider choice of products to satisfy their needs.
  • Misconception: Employees are already satisfied with their current dental benefits:
    • Fact: Over half of employees are interested in having their employer provide a wide range of voluntary benefits.
    • Fact: More than 75% of employees value benefits geared to unique and individual circumstances.
    • Fact: 76% of employees say they would like their employer to offer access to voluntary dental insurance.
  • Misconception: Providing voluntary dental insurance is time consuming for employers and utilizes too many resources:
    • Fact: Momentum Dental Insurance makes it quick and easy to enroll in voluntary dental benefits and Wisconsin individual dental insurance, ensuring you won’t waste time or valuable resources to provide yourself or your employees with high quality dental benefits.

The Benefits of Providing Wisconsin Voluntary Dental Insurance

The benefits of providing employees with Wisconsin group dental insurance are worth considering when deciding on insurance options. Momentum has researched the most beneficial aspects of enrolling in group voluntary dental insurance plan to share with you.

  • Benefit: increase employee financial wellness: Voluntary dental benefits help cover the costs of employees’ unplanned dental health issues. Providing voluntary dental benefits helps fill the coverage gaps which could be financially devastating to unprepared employees.
  • Benefit: advantage to employers: Providing voluntary dental insurance increases the attractiveness of employer’s benefit offerings.
    • Preventative care covered by group dental insurance reduces the cost associated with employees’ absences due to health. Increased employee productivity is expected with the offer of valuable group dental benefits.
  • Benefit: increasing popularity of voluntary dental insurance increases affordability:
    • Voluntary Dental Insurance is increasingly more common in employee benefits packages. This growth in group dental insurance benefits popularity ensures a competitive market in which employers are able to find affordable dental insurance for employees. Momentum Insurance Plans provides the voluntary dental insurance Wisconsin relies on for the most affordable coverage.

Wisconsin Dental Insurance Company Offers Affordable Voluntary Dental Coverage

The benefits of voluntary dental insurance are a great reason to offer your employees group dental benefits. Momentum Insurance Plans offers customizable group dental insurance plans at affordable costs. We offer voluntary dental insurance, a wide range of plans, and a variety of deductibles to ensure your employees are satisfied with the coverage you offer. Increase your employees’ productivity, financial wellness, and health at cost effective prices with our Wisconsin group dental insurance plans.

Contact our Wisconsin dental insurance experts today to learn more about the benefits of Momentum’s voluntary dental insurance plans

Top Five Reasons Young Adults Need Dental Insurance

Prepare Your Teeth for a Lifetime of Healthy

Being a young adult is an exciting time in your life, but it’s also a time when you make major decisions that will have a substantial impact on your future. For some choices, like the kind of job you take, where you live, and if you’ll get married, it’s easy to see the impact that they’ll have on your future. Choosing the right dental insurance isn’t as glamorous as the other choices you have to make, but there are compelling reasons to make the right choice, and stay covered, as a young adult.

The Importance of Preventive Care

People without insurance often cannot afford to go to the doctor when they first notice a health problem, instead they wait until the problem gets so bad that they can’t stand the pain any longer. The truth is, treating health problems as they arise is easier and cheaper than addressing them once they become a health crisis.

Almost all problems with your teeth can be handled using the proper preventative care. The power of prevention is so strong in dentistry that most dental insurance plans cover your twice-yearly visits at close to 100 percent.

Dental insurance allows you to visit your dentist for the preventative care that you need. Using regular cleanings and exams, your dentist tracks the health of your teeth and, when the dentist notices a change, he or she can recommend you on a treatment plan immediately.

What Early Detection Means for You

Dental problems compound over time and small issues only become more complicated to treat later. If you’re on a regular cleaning schedule, the dentist will notice the development of a cavity or a chipped tooth during your routine visits. With this early detection, you will not have to suffer the complications of any issues that go untreated for long periods.

In addition, modern medicine has discovered a link between problems in the mouth and serious health concerns in other parts of your body. Gum disease has been strongly linked to both diabetes and heart disease and current studies are examining the connection of gum disease to chronic lung problems and arthritis. A trip to your dentist might reveal early warning signs for a major medical condition and even save your life.

Confidence in Your Appearance

The first thing that others notice about you isn’t your hair or your body, but your smile. A bright smile is a sign of someone who takes care of themselves and is a highly attractive quality.

Dental insurance provides coverage for the treatments and care that you need so your smile always looks its best, so you can always make your best first impression.

Cost Efficiency

Dental insurance is cheaper than other forms of health insurance. Unlike major medical coverage, where you might pay $400 a month for a single person, you can generally secure dental coverage for around $30-$45 a month per individual. Even if you only use your insurance for two cleanings or visits per year, you still save money over paying out of pocket.

Waiting Periods

It can be tempting to wait until you see a serious dental problem before you seek out dental insurance. You might think that you can wait out the condition until the coverage kicks in and then cancel the policy as soon as you get the treatment that you need, but this is not a good decision.

Dental insurance plans typically start preventative coverage as soon as you pay your first premium. Insurers want you to stay healthy and avoid costlier procedures, so they push preventative care on you and encourage you to use the plan. At the same time, the insurance companies have waiting periods for major coverage and often your benefits for things like tooth extractions, root canals or dentures won’t kick in until you’ve paid premiums for a year or more. Living with chronic tooth pain for months, waiting for the insurance to cover care, is not only needlessly painful but hazardous to your long-term health.

Dental insurance is something that young people often don’t think about until they need it, but they should. Momentum Insurance Plans offer a great selection of insurance coverage for young people who may not be able to get dental coverage through an employer but want coverage for themselves.

Contact Momentum today to learn more about our insurance options.

Wisconsin Dental Insurance Experts Reveal Surprising Facts about Childhood Cavities on the Rise

Proper Dental Health Practices Preventing Tooth Decay in Children

Tooth decay in children is hitting epidemic levels according to new research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. CDC says for children 2 to 11, 42% have had cavities in their baby teeth. For children ages 2 to 5, the prevalence of cavities has increased to 28%, which is an increase from 24% in 1988 to 1994.

Getting cavities at a young age is a major concern. Cavities in young children can form very quickly. As soon as a tooth emerges, there is the potential for a cavity. Parents often do not bring their children in for their first dental appointment until after the age of two. However, given the epidemic rise in childhood cavities, dentists are recommending you bring your children in after the eruption of your child’s first tooth.

Having a Good Wisconsin Dental Insurance Plan Can Help Prevent Cavities

Having a good Wisconsin dental insurance plan is vital to preventing tooth decay in children. Childhood cavities in baby teeth can lead to a number of complications. Untreated tooth decay can spread and lead to more dangerous medical problems. Recently, a 12 year old boy from Maryland died tragically because the bacteria from an untreated abscessed tooth, spread to his brain. You may think such cases are extremely rare and there is nothing to worry about. However, a new study suggests, the number of deaths from preventable tooth decay infections may not be as uncommon as we thought. The number of children hospitalized from infected teeth in America is on the rise.

Recent studies have shown dental problems account for hundreds of thousands of emergency room visits every year. These emergency room visits have primarily been from infection in the tip of the tooth’s root, called a periapical abscess. If this infection spreads it can be dangerous.

Normally, baby teeth with cavities are treated with dental fillings. Baby teeth fill in particular places in the mouth, guiding the way for adult teeth to emerge. When tooth decay is extensive, it can lead to extraction. Extraction is problematic because adult teeth will grow in crooked and in the wrong places. This of course will lead to future dental problems requiring the aligning and straightening the teeth. Restructuring teeth placement can often be a long and expensive process. This is why it is imperative to have a good individual or group dental insurance plan in Wisconsin. Unresolved tooth issues will almost always cause more serious problems down the road. It’s important to catch dental health issues early and seek treatment.

Tips for Good Dental Health in Children

1 – Acquire good dental insurance. One of the most common reasons parents don’t take their children to the dentist early and often, is the cost. With a good family Wisconsin dental health plan, you will be more likely to take your children to the dentist. Start taking your child to see a Madison dental health practitioner after their first tooth has emerged.

2 – Brush teeth well and often. Parents must teach their children good dental hygiene at an early age, this include brushing and flossing regularly. Preschoolers do not have the dexterity to clean their teeth well, help must be given until they reach age 7. While helping them, you are teaching good habits they will use the rest of their lives.

3 – Diet plays a role in tooth decay. Many dental health practitioners recommend eating less processed foods. Additionally a well-balanced wholesome diet should help in preventing tooth decay. Many diseases and conditions are associated with tooth decay, including but are not limited to: heart disease, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, high cholesterol, insomnia, stress, anxiety, and depression. This may suggest, the overall health of an individual plays a role in dental health.

Contact our Wisconsin dental insurance experts today to find a plan right for you and your family.

Wisconsin Dental Insurance Company Provides Expert Insight on Oral Health

Good Oral Health

Madison Dental Coverage Provider Explains the Power of Periodontics

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. serves as a complete resource for individual dental insurance as well as Madison group dental insurance plans. Beyond providing the best dental insurance Wisconsin has to offer, our dental insurance provider offers the most up-to-date information on dental policies, as well as provide oral health tips and dentistry news to ensure you stay happy, healthy and fully insured. Unlike so many Wisconsin dental insurance companies, Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. genuinely cares about the personal wellbeing of our policy holders.

Your mouth is a constant breeding ground for bacteria, infection and disease. Eating, drinking, smoking, pregnancy, genetic predisposition and poor oral hygiene all contribute to compromised oral health. Failing to establish and maintain good oral hygiene can cause much more damage than yellow teeth and receding gums. In fact, studies have shown poor oral hygiene directly affects many other parts of your brain and body as well.

Below is a list of certain medical conditions which have been attributed to lack of proper oral health care:

  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Periodontal Disease
  • Dementia
  • Bronchitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Arthritis
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Trouble Conceiving
  • Preterm Birth
  • Low Birth Weight

Conversely, your mouth can provide marked signs of existing health conditions which may not have been medically diagnosed yet. Coloring, recession, lesions and bleeding can all point to a serious medical condition, such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s or immune deficiencies.

Dental Care: Grin and Bear It

Good oral hygiene is critical in maintaining the health of your brain and body. Whether you’re 1 or 101, your mouth mirrors your overall health. It is important to understand the benefits of good oral health as well as understanding the proper ways to achieve a clean and healthy mouth.

Below is a list of dental care tips and tricks to get you on the right track to optimal oral health:

  • Floss Daily—Floss between EVERY tooth, while wiggling the floss in and around the tooth. Sometimes it takes flossing between the same two teeth twice to remove a stubborn food particle. Without flossing, many smaller particles will remain stuck between teeth (even with brushing), causing unsightly stains.
  • Brush Twice Daily—The most common mistake many people make is brushing too hard, which results in receding gum lines and diminished tooth enamel. Instead of holding your toothbrush with your fist, hold it like a pen. This little trick will immediately resolve brushing too hard while still providing proper teeth cleaning.
  • Mouthwash—Mouthwash with fluoride is ideal for rebuilding and strengthening tooth enamel. Fluoride mouthwash should be swished vigorously once daily without rinsing afterward. Eating, drinking and smoking should be avoided for at least 30 minutes following the fluoride mouthwash treatment. Due to the rinsing restrictions, fluoride mouthwash is ideal for using right before bed.
  • Retainers—Retainers help keep teeth properly aligned and also prevent teeth grinding. Most dentists and orthodontists can quickly create a custom retainer to fit your mouth. When wearing your custom fitted retainer, make sure the edges cover your teeth but do not exceed your gum line. Retainers which don’t fit properly can cause gum recession. If the retainer edges extend past your gum line, simply trim the edge with a set of sharp manicure scissors and file away any plastic threads. If you’re not comfortable taking retainer trimming into your own hands, a dentist or orthodontist will usually do this for you at no cost.
  • Dental Cleanings and Checkups—Regular dental cleaning and checkups are important to identify any existing or early signs of problematic oral conditions. Dental cleaning and checkups should be scheduled about 1-3 times a year. Dental x-rays should be performed every 1-2 years depending on your oral health history.
  • Teeth Whitening—Over the counter teeth whitening can be extremely harmful to those with sensitivity issues. For safe, effective and painless DIY teeth whitening, vigorously swish a capful of hydrogen peroxide for no more than 30 seconds (those with hypersensitive teeth should only swish for 10 seconds). DO NOT SWALLOW. Another great solution for easy at home teeth whitening is to mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and swish or brush, depending on the consistency you choose. At home teeth whitening should be limited to once a week to limit sensitivity issues.

Wisconsin Dental Insurance Provider Fills the Cavity in Oral Health

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. understands why so many people dread the dentist. Aside from regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups, our Madison dental insurance provider strives to keep you out of the dentist chair as much as possible. Providing you with the most complete resource for optimal dental care while delivering the best Madison individual dental insurance coverage ensures you stay happy, healthy and fully insured. Whether you need private dental insurance or employer dental insurance, Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. we’ll be there to provide you with the reliable dental coverage you deserve.

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. specifically caters to the Madison and Dane County communities, including, but not limited to Fitchburg, Verona, Middleton, Sauk, Sun Prairie and Marshall.

Contact the best in Madison dental insurance today for more information on our private or group dental insurance.

Individual and Private Dental Insurance Wisconsin

Woman working in a flower store

Madison Dental Plan Coverage for Individuals

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. is introducing Madison dental insurance plans for individuals. Momentum will introduce two new plan options for individuals effective 10/1/2011. The two plans, Platinum and Gold, will offer coverage for individuals and their family members who are self employed or employed without dental insurance, for the unemployed, for college students or recent graduates not eligible under their parents plan, or for retirees.

Individual Dental Insurance Coverage Madison Relies On

Studies have shown that appropriate Madison dental care and good dental health correlates to good medical health. Oral infections like tooth decay and cavities, or gum disease can put you at risk for other medical problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. Gum disease in pregnant women has even been linked to lower birth weights and premature births.

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. and Dental Health Associates of Madison together believe that everyone should practice good oral hygiene and the Platinum and Gold Madison dental plans from Momentum will help you to do just that. All of the providers at Dental Health Associates of Madison are part of the network of providers for these plans. With 26 providers and four locations, you are sure to find a provider conveniently located close to your work or home.

Dane County Dental Care for Fillings, Root Canals, and More

In addition to diagnostic and preventive care both plans also provide coverage for fillings and simple extractions, emergency treatment, periodontics, root canal therapy, crowns, bridges and dentures.  For other than the diagnostic and preventive services certain waiting periods apply before coverage is available. Certain limitations also apply.

We provide Dental Insurance you can smile about.

You don’t have to be part of a group… to get the dental coverage you need!

Contact the Madison dental insurance providers at Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. at info@momentumplans.com or call us at (608)-729-6500.