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      Misconceptions and Benefits of Wisconsin Group Dental Insurance

      The Voluntary Dental Insurance Wisconsin Relies on for Exceptional Employee Benefits

      Momentum Insurance Plans is dedicated to informing and educating our neighbors on all parts of the dental insurance industry. We understand how confusing group and voluntary dental insurance can be, which is why we have put together this informative guide of everything you need to know about group dental insurance. Momentum fully explains the misconceptions and benefits of Wisconsin group dental insurance plans, allowing you to make the most informed decision possible.

      Dental Insurance Misconceptions

      Employees are already satisfied with their current dental benefits……


      • Over half of employees are interested in having their employer provide a wide range of voluntary benefits.
      • More than 75% of employees value benefits geared to unique and individual circumstances.
      • 76% of employees say they would like their employer to offer access to voluntary dental insurance.

      Group dental insurance is not important to employee retention or productivity….


      • Employees who enjoy the benefits of voluntary dental insurance are twice as loyal as those who are not satisfied.
      • A majority of employees say group dental benefits, among other benefits, are an important reason to join an employer or stay with their current employer.
      • More than half of employees are willing to bear more benefit costs in order to have a wider choice of products to satisfy their needs.

      Providing voluntary dental insurance is time consuming for employers and utilizes too many resources…..


      •  Momentum Dental Insurance makes it quick and easy to enroll in voluntary dental benefits and Wisconsin individual dental insurance, ensuring you won’t waste time or valuable resources to provide yourself or your employees with high quality dental benefits.

      Benefits of Providing Dental Insurance

      Increase employee financial wellness….

      • Voluntary dental benefits help cover the costs of employees’ unplanned dental health issues.
      • Providing voluntary dental benefits helps fill the coverage gaps which could be financially devastating to unprepared employees.

      Advantage to employers….

      • Providing voluntary dental insurance increases the attractiveness of employer’s benefit offerings.
      • Preventative care covered by group dental insurance reduces the cost associated with employees’ absences due to health.
      • Increased employee productivity is expected with the offer of valuable group dental benefits.

      Increasing popularity of voluntary dental insurance increases affordability….

      • Voluntary Dental Insurance is increasingly more common in employee benefits packages.
      • This growth in group dental insurance benefits popularity ensures a competitive market in which employers are able to find affordable dental insurance for employees. 

      Wisconsin Dental Insurance Company Offers Affordable Voluntary Dental Coverage

      The benefits of voluntary dental insurance are a great reason to offer your employees group dental benefits. Momentum Insurance Plans offers customizable group dental insurance plans at affordable costs. We offer voluntary dental insurance, a wide range of plans, and a variety of deductibles to ensure your employees are satisfied with the coverage you offer. Increase your employees’ productivity, financial wellness, and health at cost effective prices with our Wisconsin group dental insurance plans.

      Contact our Wisconsin dental insurance experts today to learn more about the benefits of Momentum’s voluntary dental insurance plans
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