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      Top Five Reasons Young Adults Need Dental Insurance

      Prepare Your Teeth for a Lifetime of Healthy

      Being a young adult is an exciting time in your life, but it’s also a time when you make major decisions that will have a substantial impact on your future. For some choices, like the kind of job you take, where you live, and if you’ll get married, it’s easy to see the impact that they’ll have on your future. Choosing the right dental insurance isn’t as glamorous as the other choices you have to make, but there are compelling reasons to make the right choice, and stay covered, as a young adult.

      The Importance of Preventive Care

      People without insurance often cannot afford to go to the doctor when they first notice a health problem, instead they wait until the problem gets so bad that they can’t stand the pain any longer. The truth is, treating health problems as they arise is easier and cheaper than addressing them once they become a health crisis.

      Almost all problems with your teeth can be handled using the proper preventative care. The power of prevention is so strong in dentistry that most dental insurance plans cover your twice-yearly visits at close to 100 percent.

      Dental insurance allows you to visit your dentist for the preventative care that you need. Using regular cleanings and exams, your dentist tracks the health of your teeth and, when the dentist notices a change, he or she can recommend you on a treatment plan immediately.

      What Early Detection Means for You

      Dental problems compound over time and small issues only become more complicated to treat later. If you’re on a regular cleaning schedule, the dentist will notice the development of a cavity or a chipped tooth during your routine visits. With this early detection, you will not have to suffer the complications of any issues that go untreated for long periods.

      In addition, modern medicine has discovered a link between problems in the mouth and serious health concerns in other parts of your body. Gum disease has been strongly linked to both diabetes and heart disease and current studies are examining the connection of gum disease to chronic lung problems and arthritis. A trip to your dentist might reveal early warning signs for a major medical condition and even save your life.

      Confidence in Your Appearance

      The first thing that others notice about you isn’t your hair or your body, but your smile. A bright smile is a sign of someone who takes care of themselves and is a highly attractive quality.

      Dental insurance provides coverage for the treatments and care that you need so your smile always looks its best, so you can always make your best first impression.

      Cost Efficiency

      Dental insurance is cheaper than other forms of health insurance. Unlike major medical coverage, where you might pay $400 a month for a single person, you can generally secure dental coverage for around $30-$45 a month per individual. Even if you only use your insurance for two cleanings or visits per year, you still save money over paying out of pocket.

      Waiting Periods

      It can be tempting to wait until you see a serious dental problem before you seek out dental insurance. You might think that you can wait out the condition until the coverage kicks in and then cancel the policy as soon as you get the treatment that you need, but this is not a good decision.

      Dental insurance plans typically start preventative coverage as soon as you pay your first premium. Insurers want you to stay healthy and avoid costlier procedures, so they push preventative care on you and encourage you to use the plan. At the same time, the insurance companies have waiting periods for major coverage and often your benefits for things like tooth extractions, root canals or dentures won’t kick in until you’ve paid premiums for a year or more. Living with chronic tooth pain for months, waiting for the insurance to cover care, is not only needlessly painful but hazardous to your long-term health.

      Dental insurance is something that young people often don’t think about until they need it, but they should. Momentum Insurance Plans offer a great selection of insurance coverage for young people who may not be able to get dental coverage through an employer but want coverage for themselves.

      Contact Momentum today to learn more about our insurance options.
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