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      Give Your Employees Something to Smile About

      Salary Versus Benefits

      Salary is naturally the most popular aspect of employment. That is the major reason we work, after all, but the benefit package is also very important. A smart employee-relations interviewer will stress the great benefits offered by his or her company. This will include the medical and vacation benefits, along with other incentives. Dental insurance is one of the major extra employee benefits which job seekers desire.

      Employee-Sponsored Plans

      Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. specializes in group dental plans for Wisconsin employers. These plans cover many dental services in addition to basic teeth cleaning and preventive care. Group plans generally have lower rates and less exclusions than individual plans.

      Programs where the Wisconsin employer shares the cost of dental insurance are major employee benefits. There are many group plans available that cover a complete range of dental care. These may include:

      • Routine dental check-ups and cleaning
      • Fillings, root canal, and other procedures
      • Orthodontia
      • Oral surgery endodontic and periodontics procedures

      Employees with a need for orthodontics will be pleased with an extra benefit that helps cover the cost. Plans can have annual out-of-pocket maximums and various deductibles.

      Wisconsin Voluntary Dental Insurance

      Many companies offer voluntary dental insurance to employees. Employees pay 100 percent of the premium but they receive group rates, which are lower than individual dental insurance plans. Payments are made through payroll deductions at no additional cost to the employer.

      This voluntary program is an important part of the benefit package. Preventive care and other procedures including emergency services are offered with consideration for the unique needs of the employee group.

      Find a Group Dental Insurance Plan

      Dental insurance is now a major component of employee benefits offered to hire and retain people who work for companies of all sizes. Momentum Insurance Plans works exclusively with dental insurance, so we know it very well. Group plans are available for all Wisconsin companies and small businesses. We can help you find the plans that best suit your employees based on their individual needs.

      Contact Momentum Insurance Plans for more information on keeping your Wisconsin employees happy, healthy, and smiling.

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