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      Small Business Dental Insurance Plans from Momentum

      Provide Dental Insurance Benefits to Your Employees – No Matter the Size of Your Company

      Affordable Wisconsin Insurance

      Affordable group dental insurance for Wisconsin businesses is closer than you think. Momentum Plans offers affordable, versatile business dental insurance plans focused on pleasing employees and employers alike. Business dental insurance plans from Momentum Plans are fully customizable, allowing employers to choose services and premiums they can afford, as well as provide the specific benefits for your employees want most. Small businesses and large corporations alike will benefit from the coverage of Momentum Plans.

      Helping Employees and Employers

      Business dental insurance plans from Momentum Plans give employees what they need at a price employers love. Our insurance plans are flexible and adaptable, allowing employers to select from affordable services they wish to provide, and give employees the specific services they need.

      When employees receive group benefits, spouses and even children are also eligible for those same benefits. Momentum Plans offered are flexible, meaning any number of dental procedures could be covered. We work with a wide network of Wisconsin dentists which allows a majority of our clients to keep their preferred dental office.
      Thankfully, employees no longer have to wait on will no longer be subject to insurance-imposed wait limits.

      Employers are also able to choose their premium, allowing them to appropriately divide costs. With Momentum Plans, employers get to select which benefits they want to provide; coverage is then tailored to the needs of the employee and the employer. It’s time you feel confident with your coverage and your costs.

      Small Business Dental Plans

      An estimated 43% of Americans have no dental coverage, making dental insurance one of the most frequently requested employee benefits. Business dental insurance isn’t as costly as you might think either. In fact, there are numerous benefits. advantages for your company when you offer dental coverage.

      Many employers are eligible for tax benefits when they provide dental insurance. You are encouraged to choose what services and benefits you want to provide, allowing you to cut costs. Employee retention improves and you now have a new recruitment tool. Employees deserve the quality care they need, and business dental plans help keep employees happy and healthy. When individuals of your company have dental coverage, their smiles will be even more beautiful!

      Why Momentum Plans

      Some businesses mistakenly believe they are too small to offer health or dental insurance plans. Companies with 50 or fewer workers, there are special health care options available. The Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)  has specific health care plan options different from those available to larger businesses, allowing all types of employers to offer health benefits to their employees. Since these specialized health care plans often lack dental insurance, Momentum Plans can cover these gaps with affordable group plans for your business.

      Since part-time workers are not required to be covered by job-based insurance health care plans, a group dental insurance plan from Momentum Plans can give additional benefits to these overlooked employees. Our customizable options mean all employees can be included in a dental insurance plan, regardless of full- or part-time status.

      This gives more incentive to part-time employees while satisfying the needs of more employees at an affordable cost.

      Momentum Plans offers more options and variety to employers than any other insurance provider. Plans can cover large corporations or small offices with less than 50 total employees. Without employer-based health and dental care options, employees face out-of-pocket expenses or potential financial penalties. Business dental insurance plans from Momentum allow employers to select their exact coverage and premium, creating an affordable coverage plan from which that all employees will benefit from.

      Comprehensive health care and dental insurance coverage keeps ensures employee happy and healthy care, providing a boost for your business. Even regular check-ups  can make the difference in employee satisfaction. No matter how big or small your company is, your business will benefit from the exceptional services of Momentum Plans.

      Contact our Wisconsin dental insurance providers now for more information about insurance plans.
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