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      Dental Insurance in Wisconsin Can Save You Time, Money, and Health

      Rising Number Of Wisconsin Residents Visit Er For Dental Issues

      A rising number of Wisconsin residents are seeking alternative methods to going to the dentist. The Health Policy Institute (a group of professionals focused on conducting research pertaining to key issues in health policy and health services) shows the number of people going to the emergency room in Wisconsin for dental care has risen 20 percent from 2006 to 2010.

      Why do these people think the ER is a better alternative to seeing a dentist? A number of reasons, including:

      • It’s easy – the ER is open 24/7 and when you enter, a doctor is required to see you.
      • They don’t have dental insurance, but they DO have health insurance, so it appears to be a reduced cost.
      • They seek immediate relief for their pain and know the doctor will prescribe them something for it.
      • In some cases, their dental problems have gone untreated far too long and have developed in to more concerning health problems (heart disease, diabetes, problems during pregnancy, etc.)

      The ER is not a good alternative to the dentist, it will not solve your oral health problems and it may end up costing you more money than investing in individual or group dental insurance.

      ER Doesn’t Cure Dental Issues, Just Covers Them Up

      Within the data compiled by the Health Policy Institute, it shows the patients using the ER for their dental are not receiving solutions to cure their dental health problems; it maintains comfort for a short while with prescriptions of painkillers and penicillin.

      Going to the ER doesn’t address the real issues – it just covers them up. The ER is like an assembly line: churning people in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. Medical doctors focus on the body as a whole to improve overall health, leaving patients with poor oral health possibly getting worse by the day. What you might need is just a good teeth cleaning or filling from a dentist to solve your dental problems. This is something a medical doctor would never provide.

      Dentists Do Help

      This is where a dentist will help. Dentists in Wisconsin are trained to focus on your teeth. A dentist will diagnose your issue(s), create a plan to correctly approach your individual issue, and treat it – correctly. Dentists will treat teeth issues such as toothaches or chipped, broken, or knocked out teeth. You can visit the dentist for cavities or root canals, and proven methods for TMJ therapy, bruxism treatment, gingivitis, general jaw or mouth pain, and more. Don’t fear going to the dentist because of the cost. Sign up for Momentum’s dental insurance today and have coverage when you need it.

      Madison Dental Insurance Company Provides Superior Individual And Group Coverage Plans

      Dental insurance through Momentum Plans is more affordable and logical than you may think. We offer two individual dental Insurance plans – Gold or Platinum – to meet your dental care needs. Both plans offer a $50 deductible for individuals or $150 deductible for families. If joining group dental coverage is right for you, remember it is customized by your group. Make sure to ask questions about deductibles, maximum coverage per year, and what services are covered under your specific plan.

      Individual dental insurance is perfect for people between jobs, adult children no longer covered under their parents’ plan, retirees, and individuals who are not offered insurance through their employer. Momentum’s individual dental insurance plans start under $30 per month.

      Group dental insurance offers coverage at a discounted rate because the cost is shared among the group of people. The number of employers in Madison and all around Wisconsin offering dental insurance to their employees is on the rise. These employers have incentives as well, including payroll tax deductions or attracting and maintaining top-notch employees.

      Madison Dental Insurance Providers Will Find The Perfect Plan For You

      Whether you need individual or group dental insurance, Momentum Plans will help find the perfect plan – no matter your age, race, sex, or history. We’re here to help you find the dental coverage fitting your budget and your needs.

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