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      Dental Insurance for Individuals in Madison: Plan Exclusions

      Individual Dental Insurance Plans Wisconsin Trusts for Excellent Coverage

      Momentum offers comprehensive, cost-effective dental insurance plans for individuals in Madison, Dane County, and throughout Wisconsin. You would be hard pressed to find a dental insurance company in Wisconsin providing the quality dental plans and superior customer service Momentum Plans delivers on a consistent basis.

      Our professional network of dentists and dental care providers perform a broad range of basic dental services, including crowns, fillings, root canal therapy, and dentures. With an extensive network of quality dental care providers, you are certain to find a dentist near you meeting your plan specifics and dental care needs.

      Need Dental Insurance in Wisconsin? Choose Momentum Plans!

      Many circumstances can cause people to need individual dental insurance in Wisconsin. You may be between jobs, are no longer covered under your parent’s plan, your job does not offer group dental insurance, or you are retired.

      Regardless of your personal situation, a Momentum dental insurance plan will provide excellent coverage with superb professional quality and solid cost effectiveness. Our dental insurance plans for individuals in Wisconsin have deductibles of only $50 per person or $150 per family.

      See specifics on our Platinum and Gold Individual Dental Insurance Plans for more information.

      Individual Dental Insurance Plan Exclusions

      Individual dental insurance plans offered by Momentum Plans do not cover cosmetic services, orthodontic services, or oral surgery.

      Other individual dental plan exclusions include (but are not limited to):

      • Dental procedures to treat injuries
        • Caused by riots or forms of civil disobedience
        • Sustained while committing criminal acts
        • That are intentionally self-inflicted
        • Which can be compensated under Worker’s Compensation or Employer Liability Laws
      • Charges for anesthesia, pre-medications, or prescription drugs
      • Appliances, restorations, or procedure for:
        • Increasing vertical dimension
        • Restoring occlusion
        • Correcting harmful habits
        • Replacing is structure lost by attrition
        • Correcting congenital or development malformations (unless necessary to restore bodily function)
        • Temporary Dental Procedures
        • Implants and implant-related procedures
      • Replacement of lost or stolen dentures as well as charges for duplicate dentures
      • And more
      View our complete list of individual dental plan exclusions for further details about the above exclusions or contact Momentum Plans for a copy of our policy detailing the limitations and restrictions of our Wisconsin individual dental plans.
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