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      10 Easy Tips To Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Cavity-Free

      Cavities in children are a significant problem, because the better a child’s dental health, the better it will be as an adult! Fortunately, there are plenty of steps parents can take to protect kids’ teeth and reduce kids’ cavities.

      Let’s take a look at 10 tips for keeping children’s teeth cavity-free.

      1) Get Regular Dental Checkups

      Kids should see the dentist at least twice yearly. Cleanings disrupt plaque and prevent cavities from arising in hard-to-reach areas between teeth that might get overlooked.

      2) Set a Good Example

      Children look to adults for guidance, so take dental health seriously as parents. Brush your teeth in the morning, before bedtime, and after meals. And, of course, visit the dentist regularly!

      3) Teach Kids About Flossing

      Millions of Americans floss less than once a week, which is simply not enough. Flossing can reduce cavity risk, so look for ways to make it easier. A floss holder or water flosser can sometimes be helpful for kids.

      4) Consider Dental Sealants

      A dental sealant is a great preventive measure for many kids. It consists of a plastic coating that protects surfaces of tough-to-reach back teeth and molars.

      5) Get Orthodontic Issues Fixed

      Old-fashioned metallic braces aren’t the only game in town anymore. Kids can get beautiful, straight teeth while feeling confident as modern braces are light, durable, and harder for others to notice.

      6) Use Anti-Bacterial Mouthwash

      Coupled with brushing and flossing, the right mouthwash can keep teeth clean longer. Ask your dentist about a mouthwash that’s appropriate for kids.

      7) Look Out for Sugary Sweets

      Processed sugar is the worst enemy of teeth. Since most kids love sweets, it’s important to brush after consuming candy and soda. To minimize enamel damage, wait at least ten minutes – but no more than an hour – to brush after eating sugary treats.

      8) Treat Loose Teeth Right

      Kids start to lose baby teeth around age six, and the process can continue into their early 20s. Losing teeth is exciting for some kids and terrifying for others, but they shouldn’t try to pull teeth out before they are ready. That can cause discomfort and bleeding.

      9) Beware Of Dental Accidents

      Whether playing sports or simply horsing around, kids are at risk of dental trauma. Be sure you understand what to do if a tooth is knocked out. Always have an emergency dentist on speed dial!

      10) Get Affordable Dental Insurance through Momentum Insurance Plans

      Momentum Insurance Plans provide enhanced, low-cost coverage for kids’ dental healthcare. A good insurance plan can provide Madison, WI residents and others with access to all the preventive dental care options above and many more. Contact Momentum Insurance Plans today for more information.

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