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      How Sealants Can Help Keep Your Child Cavity Free

      Until recently, there was just one solution for dental worries: Floss daily and brush your teeth after every meal. Of course, good dental habits remain essential to peak health. However, there is a new option for helping kids protect their teeth now and in the future.

      Tooth decay in children is a serious problem that can lead to consequences down the road. Kids with cavities face complications adults don’t – just as importantly, the experience may affect their ability to maintain their dental health in the future.

      What’s the best way to prevent cavities? Dental sealants are now available for children.

      Dental Sealants for Kids: Everything You Need to Know

      Good dental health starts early on in life. Kids should begin brushing as their “baby teeth” come in. Although these teeth will eventually fall out on their own to make way for permanent teeth, their well-being affects the health of the whole mouth.

      But what happens when those all-important permanent teeth start to arrive? There is an option!

      Dental sealants are a great way to help kids with the early challenges of protecting their teeth:

      • They effectively fill in the grooves in teeth, making them more resistant to food particles;
      • They are especially helpful for back teeth that are difficult for kids to reach and clean;
      • They help protect teeth for up to 10 years.

      Kids should receive dental sealants as soon as their adult teeth erupt. When performed promptly, dental sealants dramatically reduce the odds of the affected teeth suffering from cavities. The teeth still need to be brushed as usual, but will be much safer from plaque.

      Dental Sealants are Safe, Effective, and Long-Lasting

      Although any dental procedure entails some risk, dental sealants have been proven extremely safe over time. Side effects are rare and upkeep of the teeth does not change. It’s important to see a dentist regularly to ensure the sealants are holding strong.

      Sealants acquired early in life will eventually wear out and have to be replaced. However, it is normal for them to last up to 10 years, so the investment is worth it. Dental insurance can help you reduce the associated costs: many Momentum Insurance plans cover the procedure for permanent molars.

      Momentum Insurance is the solution for Wisconsin residents who want to access premium dental care at affordable prices. To find out more, contact us today.

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