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      Does Dental Insurance Cover Braces?

      Momentum Dental Insurance Plans Help You Maintain Oral Health

      Momentum dental plans provide affordable diagnostic and preventative services including cleanings and exams to help you maintain oral health. Our Gold and Platinum plans also include basic restorative services such as fillings and simple tooth extractions. Combined, these services can drastically improve the health of your teeth and help prevent the need for more extensive orthodontic procedures.

      As a specialized sect of dentistry not required by everyone, orthodontics are generally not covered by most dental insurance plans. Braces, spacers and retainers are some of the most common orthodontic procedures. Momentum Gold and Platinum plans provide coverage for space maintainers for dependents up to the age of 15. In addition, Momentum group plans can be customized to include coverage of orthodontics.

      Financing for Braces and Other Orthodontic Procedures

      Braces are rarely covered by dental insurance unless specifically added to a customized Momentum group plan. For dependents under the age of 18, braces may be covered by health insurance. For adults, it may be more difficult to find coverage for braces if the reason is purely cosmetic.

      As a result, many orthodontists offer financing plans to help make braces and other procedures more affordable. If your dentist referred you to an orthodontist, check to see what discounts or payment plans they offer. To learn more about dental insurance coverage, contact Momentum Plans.

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