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      Affordable Wisconsin Dental Insurance Plans

      Benefits of

      Dental Insurance

      Dental Coverage for Wisconsin

      Comprehensive Dental Plans

      Dental Insurance That Fits Your Budget

      For too many Wisconsinites, dental insurance is either unavailable or unaffordable. Many go without dental care, causing what could have been easily treated (or even prevented) to become a serious problem.

      The connection between regular dental care and overall health is too great to ignore. Researchers believe oral bacteria and inflammation caused by periodontitis play a significant role in cardiovascular disease, endocarditis, head and neck cancers and even birth complications.

      Applying for individual coverage is really easy. Just select the plan that best fits your budget and your needs. Check out the network of family and specialty dentists available throughout the state of Wisconsin, to find the best match for you. 

      Coverage for your family is a part of our individual plan group. To find your monthly premiums and deductible options, start by selecting the number of members in your family and the type of plan you are looking for. 

      Group dental insurance encourages employees to get regular checkups and teeth cleanings to maintain healthy oral hygiene and potentially prevent serious diseases from occurring or worsening. Businesses can customize plans based on employees’ needs with Momentum Dental Insurance.

      Affordable Dental Insurance for Everyone

      Momentum offers individual, family, and group dental plans at affordable rates, providing affordable dental care to keep you safe. It is possible to get the care you need with affordable dental insuranceWhether you are between jobs, no longer eligible for coverage under your parent’s plan, a retiree, or employed with a business that doesn’t offer dental insurance coverage, affordable dental insurance possible.

      When choosing a dental insurance plan, figuring out the coverage you need can seem overwhelming, probably because we offer options for just about every possible situation. Whether you’re looking to enroll yourself, a child, your whole family, or an entire group of employees, Momentum Insurance Plans has you covered.

      Get Quality Dental Care Today

      Wisconsin Premiere Dental Health Network

      All Momentum plans include specially-priced coverage for the doctors within the Dental Health Associates of Madison dental group. Choose from 27 providers and seven locations, conveniently located throughout the city of Madison.

      If you don’t live in Madison, or choose to visit a provider outside of the Dental Health Associates of Madison network, our Gold and Platinum plans allow access to a vast network of dental providers throughout Wisconsin. With so many dental care providers to choose from, you are sure to find a quality dentist close to your work or home.

      Compare Dental Plans

      Why Get Dental Insurance?

      Dental Insurance Promotes Overall Health

      When you have dental insurance, you’re far more likely to make an appointment for a regular check-up. After all, most dental insurance plans offer 100% coverage for routine checkups and teeth cleanings.

      By detecting problems early, regular preventive dental care can end up saving you a lot of time and money on expensive, complicated dental procedures down the road. The teeth cleanings you get at a regular check-up also play a significant role in preventing diseases like heart disease and oral cancer. With early detection, you have a good chance of a full recovery.

      You can enroll in a Momentum dental plan online and there’s no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive dental services, so you can schedule an appointment for a check-up as soon as coverage takes effect.

      Taking the Guesswork Out of Dental Insurance

      Momentum Insurance is Here to Help

      Momentum wants you to have affordable dental insurance that fits your budget and a positive experience when choosing your dental insurance. If you have questions about any of our plans, or need help deciding between plans, let us know. A Momentum representative will be happy to help you find a dental insurance plan for you.

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