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Questions about Group Dental Insurance

Questions to Ask Your Provider about Group Dental Insurance

Wisconsin Group Dental Insurance Plan QuestionsMomentum Plans utilizes a powerful network of Wisconsin dental care providers. Before you decide on a group insurance plan be sure to ask your provider a few questions to ensure a group dental plan is the best option.

Are you willing to work with my insurance?

Few things are as infuriating as a dental care provider who doesn’t want to deal with your insurance. Many providers prefer certain insurances and can cause unnecessary headaches if they don’t want to deal with your insurance.

Are you in my plan’s network?

While Momentum Plans works with a large network that includes many Wisconsin dentists, not all of them are covered. If your current provider is not part of your plan’s network they will not be covered.

What benefits will be included, and what exclusions should I expect?

Some providers will offer more benefits as the number of policy holders increases. This tends to lead to exclusions elsewhere. Preexisting conditions are frequently excluded from group policies. Don’t be caught off guard, ask your provider what they will add and exclude.

What services are out of network?

Many dental procedures are handled offsite by third parties. These third parties may not be part of your network, as a result your insurance plan will not cover them. Be sure that the majority, or all, services are handled in network.

Will surgery be performed in network?

Surgeries performed out of network will not be covered by your insurance.

What medications do you prescribe?

Dentists sometimes prescribe medications. Not all medications are covered by insurances. Be sure to ask if the medication is covered under the insurance, or of there is a more affordable generic option.

Affordable Access to Wisconsin Networks

Momentum Plans works with the majority of dentists in Wisconsin. This means you can usually stay within your network. We work with you to develop a unique plan that fits your needs – there is no “one size fits all” plan. As a Wisconsin company we use many of the same dentists you do, we’re their patients too! Get local, affordable insurance from a company right down the street.

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