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Waiting Period

A set amount of time a person must be a member of a dental insurance plan before they are eligible to receive the benefits from their plan.

Dental Plan Waiting PeriodsDental insurance waiting periods are specific to your plan and can vary from service to service. Some plans have no waiting period for basic and necessary care, including teeth cleanings or emergency pain relief procedures. If you need restorative dental services, these same plans might have 6 - 12 month waiting periods. Waiting periods are a large deciding factor when it comes to choosing the right dental plan. Getting dental insurance before dental problems arise ensures you have coverage when you need it without having to wait.

Why is there a waiting period?

Waiting periods are used by insurance providers to ensure customers don't buy dental insurance right before they want coverage on a procedure, and then drop the plan afterwards. If you require a major procedure before the waiting period is up, talk to your dentist to work out a payment plan, discount, or another payment method.

No Waiting Periods for Standard Procedures

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. understands how important basic dental care can be, which is why we have no waiting periods for standard procedures, even on our most basic plan! Your ability to pay won’t affect when you can receive standard treatments.

Basic plans like the Protect Individual plan have no waiting period on any services covered; while premium plans like the Platinum plan don't have a waiting period on standard services and only have a 6-month waiting period on fillings. Momentum provides affordable and comprehensive coverage on a network you know and love with minimal waiting periods.

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