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The specific rate you pay for active dental coverage. Generally, this is paid monthly, quarterly, or annually. In order to maintain your insurance coverage, you must pay your premium every month.

If you miss a payment, you might lose coverage for that month. Premiums are different from deductibles or co-pays because premiums must be paid in order to receive any coverage at all.

Momentum's Easy Premiums Help You Stay Covered

Momentum makes paying your premiums easy! Set up reoccurring payments when you enroll or simply pay your bill online through our website. Momentum has a number of plans with low premiums available for individuals, families, businesses, and more. 

From the most basic coverage, our Protect plan featuring premiums as low as $20 per month. One of our more comprehensive plans, such as the Platinum plan, start as low as $36.88 per month. Momentum offers cheap premium options with high quality coverage!

Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. offers high quality coverage at affordable premiums so Wisconsin families and businesses can get the dental insurance they deserve in a network they know and love. Even our most basic plans have no waiting periods on routine procedures like cleanings or exams.

Momentum's plans offer a low, affordable premium for:

  • Cleanings
  • Crowns
  • Dentures
  • And more!

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