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A network of dentists which has agreed to provide dental services to a health insurance plan's members at a discount. Your cost to use network providers is usually less than using non-network providers.

Network of Dentists in WisconsinNon-network providers cost more for a number of reasons. The provider is not bound to the price set by your insurer and your plan might require that you pay higher co-pays or deductibles, or even an out of network fee.

Sometimes your plan won't cover non-network care at all. Finding a plan with a good network and non-network coverage is ideal. While most insurance plans offer non-network coverage, the extent of that coverage can vary greatly. 

Stay Put with Momentum

Some insurance plans might be cheap, but they require you to operate with an extremely small network of providers. Often times this means leaving the dentists you know and trust, only to find that your new network doesn’t have orthodontists or another service you require.

Momentum's network of providers includes hundreds of qualified dentists across Wisconsin. Family dentists in Greenfield, periodontists in Green Bay, orthodontists in Milwaukee, pediatric dentists in Madison, and more are included with Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. You’re sure to find a dentist near your home or work, and its likely your current dentist is part of our network!

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