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Fee Schedule

A fee schedule is the price listing of the dental services and procedures offered in an insurance plan. A dentist may set up their own fee schedule or may agree to use one that is part of a dental plan. There are two different types of dental plans: "fee-for-service" or "managed care".

The Fee-for-Service (FFS) Plan (non-PPO), also known as an idemnity plan, pays your costs only after the insurance company receives the bill and you've paid your portion. This plan is more traditional in its approach, but it typically means higher out-of-pocket payments for the policyholder. Upon needing medical services, you can visit any doctor you choose, however; that will also tack on more expenses and paperwork.

Managed Care Plans, also known as a capitation plan or a Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO), provide more coverage at a lower cost. Depending on your plan, it may even cover some services in full. There are, however, more restrictions on the dentists you can seek care from.

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