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Discount Dental Plans

A discount dental plan is designed for groups, families, and individuals looking to save money on dental care, which might include checkups, cleanings, and more. It is not a dental insurance policy. A dental discount plan is like a membership program, you pay an annual fee to join and you get access to discounted services at participating dentists.

Discount dental plans are not for everyone. While some people prefer them for their simplicity and low price point, they miss out on the coverage provided by an insurance policy. Discounts can vary from place to place, and might change with time. An insurance policy’s predetermined percentage is a more secure way to ensure coverage every time.  

While discount dental plans cover a portion of the cost, an insurance policy can cover the entirety of the procedure. A discount dental plan designed to save you money might actually cost you more in the long run compared to a more affordable insurance policy from Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc

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