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Root Canal Treatment Insurance

People who need root canal therapy often have many questions. Thanks to its name and the many rumors that swirl around it, the root canal has a unique status in the popular imagination as something scary and painful. However, technology has changed. Today’s root canal process is not significantly more uncomfortable than the average dental procedure.

Let’s look at the facts:

Cost Of A Root Canal With InsuranceWhat Is A Root Canal?

Root canal is a special dental therapy used to protect a tooth that is suffering from a severe infection. The infection spreads into the pulp-filled cavity in the root of the tooth, threatening it. Instead of removing the entire tooth, the infected pulp can be removed and replaced with a filler. This eliminates the infection and prevents recurrence in the future.

Are There Any Side Effects?

When it is healthy, the root pulp of a tooth is filled with connective tissues, nerves and cells that support blood flow. However, the pulp and even the nerves can be removed without significant trauma or long-term side effects. For the most part, root canal patients will notice lower or no perception of hot and cold in the affected tooth.

How Much Does A Root Canal Cost?

In the Madison, WI, area, root canal costs will vary. Luckily, Madison residents have access to some of the best dental care in the United States and easily can find a dentist to suit their needs. A root canal is a fairly complex procedure and, as a result, tends to be on the expensive side. Patients should expect to spend around $1,000 per tooth – and some are more expensive.

Are There Any Additional Costs?

When budgeting for a root canal, you should remember that you will need follow-up visits, which can range from $50 to $150 per visit. After a root canal, a simple dental filling can usually be performed for anywhere from $100 to $300. Sometimes, however, the tooth is so damaged that a complete dental crown may be necessary – costing up to $3,000 per tooth.

Dental Insurance Can Help With Root Canal Costs

No matter how much your procedure is expected to cost, root canal cost with insurance is sure to be lower. It’s easy for Madison, WI, residents to access root canal insurance through Momentum Insurance Plans. Momentum gives you financial peace of mind so you can focus on recovery.

At Momentum we offer dental insurance plans that cover root canal costs for seniors, veterans, families and individuals

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