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Bridges and Dentures Insurance

Millions of people in Wisconsin and all over the U.S. use dentures or dental bridges to maintain their dental health after treatments for tooth decay, gum disease or other issues. Seniors often find themselves in need of these options, even when their dental health habits have been good.

Both options are convenient and affordable – especially when you have dental insurance.

It’s important to make an informed decision about your dental health plan. Let’s review the facts on dentures and dental bridges.

dentures costDentures: The Traditional Approach to Total Tooth Replacement

Dentures are artificial teeth that can completely replace your original teeth on the top, bottom or both sides of your mouth. They are the No. 1 option for people who are missing most of their teeth. Occasionally, a small number of teeth may be removed to make way for dentures.

In the past, dentures were not always convenient. They could slip and might cause embarrassing mishaps. Users were advised to avoid some foods. Today’s dentures are much stronger and more convenient, especially when they have been custom-made to fit the user.

Dentures are generally removed overnight to soak in cleaning solution.

Dentures cost anywhere from $300 to $5,000 per plate, the full set of upper or lower teeth. For a good fit and natural appearance, a more expensive custom set of dentures is usually best.

Dental Bridges: Ideal for Efficiently Bridging Smaller Dental Gaps

Dental bridges are appropriate for those who are missing some teeth, but not a complete set of upper or lower teeth. Bridges are used to “bridge” the gap created by missing teeth – whether one, two or several. The two teeth at the ends of the bridge are fitted with crowns. Then, artificial teeth are put in to replace the missing teeth.

All things being equal, dental bridges are much less noticeable than dentures. They are also a bit easier to care for. They remain anchored in your mouth for good. All you have to do is maintain your usual brushing and flossing habits to keep them clean.

In Wisconsin, you’ll see dental bridge cost range anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per tooth. The cost goes up depending on the number of artificial teeth needed and the material used. These days, porcelain is the most common material, thanks to its natural appearance.

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