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Why Choose Momentum as Your Dental Insurance Provider

Locally Owned and Operated, Dedicated to the Dental Health of Wisconsin

As a locally owned Dental Insurance Company, we offer more personalized, flexible plans than our large corporate counterparts. At Momentum, we provide every individual in Wisconsin with access to affordable, highly quality dental plans and businesses customized dental benefits for their employees.

Individual Coverage You’ll Appreciate

Individual Dental Insurance WisconsinIf you live in Wisconsin, Momentum has a plan meeting your unique dental needs. Whether you are a student, married couple, parent and child, senior, or any individual in between, we have multiple plans to choose from, all designed to provide the coverage our customers desire with low premiums keeping their budgets intact.

Dental health is of the utmost importance for adults and children alike, effecting overall health and for some people, self-confidence. Individual dental insurance is absolutely the best option if you are looking to keep your dental visit costs low. Fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, and dentures – Momentum’s plans provide coverage for these services and more. There’s no waiting period on diagnostic and preventive dental services either, so you can schedule your first appointment after enrolling.

Comprehensive Dental Plans for Everyone

Wisconsin Dental Insurance for Individuals Wisconsin Dental Insurance for Families Dental Plans for Wisconsin Businesses Custom Group Dental Plans for Wisconsin

Flexible, Customizable Group Dental Plans

Our flexible, competitive group insurance plans are perfect for Wisconsin business owners interested in offering dental coverage to their employees. These cost-effective voluntary or employer-sponsored insurance plans are completely customizable to meet the needs and budget of your business and employees.

Momentum’s competitive group coverage customizations include the same and even better benefits than other insurance companies:

  • Wisconsin Group Dental Insurance PlansAbility to offer employees multiple plan options
  • Range of deductibles
  • Annual maximums

Employers can also offer a percentage of coverage for restorative services like:

  • Diagnostic and Preventive Services
  • Basic Services
  • Major Services
  • Orthodontia
  • Endodontic or Periodontic or Oral Surgery

With a Wisconsin group dental insurance plan, your business may be able to reduce payroll taxes and deduct 100% of the premiums on qualifying plans. When your business offers dental benefits, it will attract skilled applicants, and your best, most hard-working employees will want to stay with the company. Showing your employees you care about their overall well-being creates a healthier, happier work environment and improves productivity and morale.

With our customizable group insurance plans, you will work with a local, dedicated point of contact to create a unique insurance package for your business. Request a quote from Momentum Insurance Plans to find out how much you and your business can save.

Contact the Wisconsin group dental insurance providers at Momentum Insurance Plans today.