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Momentum Offers Dental Insurance That Covers Everything You Need

Momentum is a locally owned and operated dental insurance company in Madison, providing access to affordable and personalized dental plans larger corporations can’t offer. Our options are not limited to Madison-area residents, our Gold Plans and Platinum Plans have network options throughout Wisconsin. 

Our wide variety of dental plan choices and the ability to customize gives you options. Explore our dental insurance options for:  

Our unique dental plans keep individual dental insurance costs low for Wisconsin residents. Whether you’re self-employed, work part-time or your company doesn’t offer dental, Momentum has you covered. 

The Experts at Momentum Will Help You Choose the Best Dental Insurance Plan

Deciding on the amount of coverage you or your family might need can be confusing. Our experienced professionals can walk you through the benefits of each plan we offer. Depending on the plan you choose, Momentum dental insurance covers the following & more:

Get dental insurance with no waiting period on diagnostic and preventative dental services. You’ll be able to schedule your first appointment after enrolling!

Get Dental Insurance from Wisconsin's Provider

Get a plan that covers everything you need from Momentum dental insurance. We provide the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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