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Fillings Insurance

No matter how careful you are about your dental health, odds are good you’ll need a filling or two at some point in life. As we age, the enamel and dentin of even the healthiest teeth can weaken and become more susceptible to decay. Fillings are used to eliminate cavities before they can worsen and facilitate infection of the tooth root or the gums.

The Types of Fillings Available Today

Filling InsuranceThese days, there are three main kinds of fillings:

Silver Amalgam: Today’s adults look back on these fillings as the most common in their youth. They are very versatile and fairly inexpensive. However, because they are made of a compound including silver, they do tend to discolor over time. What’s more, silver amalgam fillings that are acquired early on in life will often require replacement after several years.

Composite Resin: Composite resin fillings are a modern alternative to the traditional silver ones. They have a longer functional life and mimic the natural appearance of teeth much more closely than silver fillings. Composite resin fillings are typically more expensive. Ceramic and porcelain are other filling options that closely resemble natural tooth enamel.

Cast Gold Fillings: Gold fillings are a bit rarer than amalgam fillings and can be the most expensive option in some cases. They do not discolor in the same way as silver fillings do, and offer a number of performance and longevity benefits compared to silver. Still, they are often confined to rear teeth because of their striking appearance.

The Costs of Fillings

Tooth filling cost varies by the material, number of fillings and location of teeth to be filled.

Common silver amalgam fillings typically range in price from $100 to $200. The right insurance can sometimes reduce this price. Fillings performed in the molars tend to be somewhat more expensive than those in other teeth.

Composite resin and cast gold fillings are both frequently more expensive than amalgam. It is not unusual to pay $300 to $400 for these fillings. On the low end, one should still budget $200 to $250 for a composite resin restoration.

Fillings are not the same as crowns, bridges or dentures, but good dental insurance will cover all of these procedures. In Wisconsin, customers can find affordable dental insurance through Momentum’s Individual Gold, Individual Platinum and Protect Individual Plan.

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