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Benefits of Dental Insurance for Wisconsinites

Comprehensive Dental Plans for Everyone

Benefits of Dental Insurance

For too many Wisconsinites, dental insurance is either unavailable through their employer or the cost of getting it on their own is unaffordable. The unfortunate fallout: many go without dental care, even putting off necessary care until what could have been easily treated (or even prevented) becomes a serious problem.

The connection between regular dental care and overall health is simply too great to ignore. For instance, researchers believe oral bacteria and inflammation caused by periodontitis play a significant role in cardiovascular disease, endocarditis (the spread of bacteria into the inner lining of the heart), head and neck cancers, and even premature births and low birth weight.

Momentum believes everyone should be able to see a dentist without worrying about what it’s going to cost, so we offer affordably priced individual, family and group dental plans. With the ability to customize a coverage plan, it is possible to find affordable dental insurance and get the care you need to stay healthy.

Affordable Dental Insurance for Everyone

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If you don’t have dental insurance because it’s too expensive, you’ve been looking in the wrong places for insurance. Good news: The average cost of an individual dental insurance plan from Momentum is only a few hundred dollars a year.

Whether you are between jobs, no longer eligible for coverage under your parents' plan, a retiree, or employed with a business that doesn’t offer dental insurance coverage, affordable dental insurance is available through Momentum Insurance Plans.

While you may have gotten by fine without dental insurance, what happens if tomorrow you start having pain in a tooth? Then the pain goes from bad to worse... much worse. This is a common symptom of nerves or pulp inside the tooth becoming infected due to decay. Surprise, you need a root canal!

Without insurance, you’ll be lucky if you can find a dentist to do a root canal for a thousand dollars. Maybe you’ll just tough it out, though. In the unlikely event you can tolerate the pain, you risk an abscess forming in your jaw. If you think a root canal is scary (and expensive), just wait until a dentist tells you about jaw surgery. Suddenly, dental insurance from Momentum is going to look like a bargain.    

Which it most definitely is.

Individual Dental Plan FAQs

Having Dental Insurance Promotes Overall Health

When you have dental insurance, you’re far more likely to actually make an appointment for a regular checkup. After all, most dental insurance plans offer 100% coverage for routine checkups and teeth cleanings.

By detecting problems early, regular preventive dental care can end up saving you a lot of time and money on expensive, complicated dental procedures down the road. The teeth cleanings you get at a regular checkup also play a significant role in preventing diseases like heart disease, and the hygienist will check for early signs of oral cancer. With early detection, you have a good chance of a full recovery.

You can enroll in a Momentum dental plan online in just a few minutes. Even better, there’s no waiting period for diagnostic and preventive dental services, so you can schedule an appointment for a checkup right after enrolling.

Get started now, then find a dentist near you.

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Flexible Dental Insurance

When choosing a dental insurance plan, figuring out the coverage you need can seem overwhelming, probably because we offer options for just about every possible situation. Whether you're looking to enroll yourself, a child, your whole family, or an entire group of employees, Momentum Insurance Plans has you covered.

Our dental insurance plans let you customize a plan to meet all your specific needs. If you feel you need more coverage for expensive dental procedures, you can choose a plan with a higher premium. If not, you can opt for an insurance plan with lower premiums and higher deductibles. You decide what works best for you and your budget.

Momentum Insurance wants you to have not only the best dental insurance for your budget, but also the best possible experience when choosing your dental insurance. If you have questions about any of our plans, or need help deciding between plans, let us know. A Momentum representative will be happy to help you find the best plan for you.

Contact a Momentum customer service representative today for more information on finding a dental plan right for you.