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Dental Insurance that Covers X-Rays

Individual Dental Plans for X-Rays and BitewingsDental Insurance that Covers X-Rays Wisconsin

Taken annually, x-rays are an important tool when fighting tooth decay, allowing dentists to see parts of teeth they can’t normally access. Unnoticed cavities can destroy the entire tooth and require costly extractions, or even a painful root canal.

All individual plans offered by Momentum Plans cover bitewings and standard x-rays. Get affordable dental x-rays once a year with a dental insurance plan from Momentum.

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Affordable Dental X-Rays

Whether you have chosen Protect, Gold, or Platinum individual dental coverage plan, Momentum Plans fully or partially covers bitewings and standard x-rays. There is no waiting period, and you can get x-rays once per year.

Choosing Momentum Plans allows beneficiaries access to essential dental procedures at a fraction of the cost.

Group Dental Insurance for X-Rays

Group dental insurance from Momentum Plans allows employers or employees to choose total or partial coverage on a multitude of services, including x-rays and bitewings.

Contact the Wisconsin dental insurance providers at Momentum Plans for a dental plan that covers x-rays.