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Dental Insurance in Wausau

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans for Students, Retirees, Families and Businesses in Wausau

Dental Insurance Wausau, WIIf you’re getting by without dental insurance because the cost is too high or it’s not available through your employer, you’re probably foregoing routine dental cleanings and restorative dental care too. That’s not good, even if you’re brushing 3 times a day.

With Momentum, you can get dental insurance and access to the preventive and diagnostic dental care you need to stay healthy—at a price that’ll make you smile. Based in Madison, Momentum Dental Insurance has a network of high-quality, affiliate dental care providers throughout Wisconsin, including Wausau. Whether you work for a company that doesn’t offer insurance, are in-between jobs, or retired, we have plans for every situation. We even have group plans for business owners.

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Use the link below to find a dental care provider in Wausau. Chances are there’s one near where you live: 

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