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Dental Insurance Plans In Waukesha, WI

Affordable Dental Plans for Individuals, Families, and Businesses throughout Waukesha County 

Momentum Plans offers reliable, flexible dental coverage to Waukesha residents. With two comprehensive individual plans to choose from – Gold or Platinum – you’re sure to find coverage suitable for college students, uninsured individuals, or families of any size. Momentum dental insurance is truly something to smile about.

Our vast network of dental care providers also make it easy for anyone in the Waukesha area to find a dentist. Enroll in dental insurance online, or give us a call today to discuss your options! 608-729-6500

We understand and value the diverse crop of people living and working in the Waukesha area. Every Waukesha resident should seek out dental coverage for the benefits that come with affordable oral health insurance. 

We offer specific plans for:

Why Provide Dental Insurance Benefits to Your Employees?

That answer is easy when choosing Momentum: group dental plans are completely customizable and affordable! Regular dental care will ensure good health for your employees – improving productivity and reducing sick days and dental benefits can be the difference between a qualified potential employee accepting or declining a position. How much the employer versus the employee pays each month in premiums is completely up to you too! Many employees choose group dental insurance plans for the convenience and are willing to pay for their insurance premiums entirely, with the business paying no money towards their employees’ dental coverage. Employee premiums can even come out of pre-taxed dollars!

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If you’re wondering what your group dental plan options are, contact us online for a group quote or get started by calling 608-729-6500.

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Looking For Affordable Dental Care in Waukesha, WI?

Dental Care for Students

UW Waukesha, Carroll University, Waukesha County Technical College and more have provided Waukesha with a sturdy student base. If you’re 26 years old, or your parents don’t have a dental insurance plan on which you can piggy back, you may be on the search for dental coverage you can actually afford.

Momentum Plans offers dental insurance ideal for college students. The monthly premiums are low, deductibles reasonable, and there is no waiting period for preventative or diagnostic care (teeth cleanings). You’ll also be covered if a more serious dental procedure is required and you’ll be thankful you are when you get the bill!

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Dental Care for Families

Whether you are single or married, dental health can seem like a minor priority in your life; skipping your biannual teeth cleanings may seem to have few consequences. However, once children join your family, the concern for good oral and dental health increases because you want their overall health, and your own, in peak condition. As your family grows, so will the cost of your dental insurance. Luckily, Momentum offers trustworthy dental plans for families and military families are extremely reasonable in price and extremely high in quality of dental care. Enroll online today or call us to learn more!

Dental Care for Seniors over 65

When you finally reach the glorious age of retirement as a retiree, you might need more than a regular dental checkup. Root canals, dentures, and crowns are all commonly needed procedures within the senior community. While you may have a fulfilling life, the quality and standards of dental care 50 years ago may now be taking their revenge. An individual dental insurance plan for seniors from Momentum covers the cost of many dental procedures, including 50% coverage for crowns, periodontics, bridges, dentures, and root canal therapy. Sign up today!

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