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Dental Insurance for Veterans in Wisconsin

Momentum Proudly Offers Accessible Dental Coverage to Veterans, Reservists and their Families

Dental Insurance for Military Reserves and Veterans in WisconsinThere are many reasons why veterans, reservists, and their dependents find themselves without dental insurance. Whether you’re retired, between jobs, or doing freelance work, Momentum Plans offers quality flexible dental coverage to give you and your loved ones the regular care you need, and the emergency dental care you might not know you need. The strict eligibility requirements for dental care through the Veterans Association mean many veterans must seek insurance for themselves and their families, and because SGLI dental coverage can abruptly end when reservists go off active duty, you can sometimes find yourself without dental coverage during an already sharp transition.

Momentum provides dental insurance for retirees and all veterans and reservists, including:

  • Military
  • Army and Army Reserve
  • Navy and Navy Reserve
  • Air Force and Air Force Reserve
  • Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve
  • Marines and Marine Corps Reserve
  • Army National Guard
  • Air Force National Guard

We make sure you get the dental insurance you want when you need it most.

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Best Dental Insurance for Veterans in Madison

Dental Insurance Prices from Momentum Plans

Affordable dental care means a lower cost of regular cleanings and check-ups and gives you peace of mind knowing you have a reduced risk of larger scale dental health problems in years to come. Periodontitis (gum disease) has a direct connection to heart disease, and many age-related oral health issues such as cavities and root canals are much more easily prevented with regular care. Consulting a professional dentist increases the chance that early symptoms of diabetes, oral cancer, and other serious diseases are caught early, helping you maintain your good health for the sake of your future and your family.

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Whether you need an individual plan or family dental coverage, Momentum offers excellent, cost-effective dental insurance to ensure your needs are covered quickly and affordably. We’re constantly expanding our comprehensive network to better serve the needs of our nation’s veterans.

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Momentum offers plans that cover the following:

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Dental Insurance Plans With No Waiting Period for Spouses and Dependents

Dental Insurance for Veterans in WisconsinRegular dental care is extremely important for everyone in your family. Oral health is intimately connected to overall health no matter your age. Children benefit from routine check-ups and learn good habits which can set them up for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Adults and the elderly need to stay on top of potential oral health problems before they lead to more serious and more expensive issues down the road. Retired or disabled veterans and their families can find high-quality low-cost dental coverage with Momentum, with low monthly premiums, reasonable deductibles, and absolutely no waiting period for the preventative or diagnostic care your family needs.

Contact Momentum today for more information on how our affordable insurance options can connect you and your loved ones with the care you deserve.

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Dental Coverage Plans for Veterans in Madison

Momentum has to great individual dental insurance plans for Wisconsin veterans to choose from – the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Both have a low deductible of just $50 per person and monthly premiums range from $35 - $45 for single individuals. In comparison to the out of pocket cost of bi-annual dental cleanings, an emergency dental visit, or procedures – including cavities, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, periodontics, and more – dental insurance will ultimately save you money. Get a dental insurance that covers everything you need at a price you can afford from Momentum Plans.

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Find or Keep a Trusted Dentist Quickly

You may have felt limited by the choices offered through the VA, but Momentum’s comprehensive network of qualified practitioners is unmatched. Each dentist in the Momentum Plan network of premier dentists is certified and accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), and all of our providers are evaluated to ensure only the very best in professional dental care is offered through our network. Do you already have a trusted dentist who isn’t yet in our network? By inviting them to join, you can make your future visits more affordable. We encourage all certified Wisconsin dentists who meet our eligibility requirements to apply to join us.

Our dental network covers most Wisconsin cities, including:

Momentum Plans has a vast network of dentists to choose from, with hundreds of locations throughout Wisconsin – so finding a dentist near your home is easy! Dentists accepting Momentum dental insurance plans are all accredited and certified by the American Dental Association (ADA) and the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), ensuring veterans who choose Momentum as their dental coverage provider receive the absolute best quality of dental care.

Expand your choices and your horizons by enrolling online today in as little as four minutes. We make it easy to distinguish between our Wisconsin dental insurance plans so you and your loved ones can enjoy better health and peace of mind.

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