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Dental Insurance for Teeth Whitening

Momentum Dental Insurance Helps You Attain a Whiter Smile

Get whiter teeth when you enroll in one of our affordable Momentum dental plans. Momentum dental insurance provides coverage for cleanings every 6 months, helping you achieve a whiter smile. Additionally, when you select our low-cost Protect plan, you receive discounts on Dental Health Associates retail products, including teeth whitening strips.

All Momentum dental insurance plans are available at low monthly costs to help you afford the preventative, diagnostic, and restorative services you need to maintain or improve your oral health. With a variety of coverage options, you can select the plan that best meets your needs. Group plans can be customized to offer coverage of additional services.

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Find an In-Network Provider

Whether you are looking for teeth whitening, cleaning, or other dental services, Momentum insurance makes it easy to provide a quality in-network provider. We are continuously expanding our network to help you find a provider located near your home or work. If you are already established with a local dentist, invite them to join our network.

To find an in-network provider near you or to learn more about our dental insurance coverage, contact Momentum Plans today.