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Affordable Dental Insurance for Students in Wisconsin

Are You a College Student in Need of Dental Care?

If you’re a college student under the age of 26, you’re likely insured through your parent’s dental plan. But, if you’re older than 26, your parents do not have dental insurance, or some other circumstance has left you uninsured, getting dental care coverage is still easy! Momentum Plans offer students in Wisconsin high quality, comprehensive dental insurance options. Costs are low and enrollment only takes 4 minutes online.

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Momentum: Dental Insurance College Students Can Afford and Smile About!

When your time and thoughts are consumed by classes, homework, tests, and socializing, dental care is the least of your worries. You’re brushing your teeth regularly, so what could really go wrong? Maybe dental insurance seems like an unnecessary expense on an already tight budget. Whatever your reasons for not having regular dental care, consider the reasons you should get dental insurance before deciding against it.

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Find a Dentist Near You!

Momentum Insurance has a complete network of dentists located in Madison and throughout Wisconsin. Whether you're in a small town or bustling concrete jungle, there's a dentist for you.

Dental Insurance for Wisconsin Students

Our dental network covers most Wisconsin cities, including:

Momentum Plans has a vast network of dentists to choose from, with hundreds of locations throughout Wisconsin – so finding a dentist near your school or home is easy! Dentists accepting Momentum dental insurance plans are all NCQA credentialed, ensuring students who choose Momentum as their dental insurer receive the absolute best quality of dental care.

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Why Do You Need Dental Insurance?

For most students, college is the time for hard work and fun, not Wisconsin dental insurance plans. You’re putting a lot of your money into tuition and school books, and any dollars you have left are going toward food, clothes, or activities with new friends. More than likely, you’re skipping your biannual teeth cleanings and check-ups too. If this is the case, you risk your oral and overall health – and could be headed for a sticky financial situation.

Small dental problems can quickly turn into costly procedures if not addressed properly when needed. For instance – the cost of filling a cavity is $150 - $400 dollars depending on the filling material, but the cost of a root canal ranges from $800 - $1,500. If you break a tooth or have a dental emergency, you’re looking at high bills with stress to match.

With dental insurance, your cost to visit the dentist for cleanings is reduced – and going to the dentist regularly will help you catch small problems before they become big issues.


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Dental Coverage Plans for College Students

Momentum has two great individual comprehensive dental plans for Wisconsin college students to choose from – the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. Both have a low deductible of just $50 per person and low monthly premiums for single individuals. In comparison to the out of pocket cost of biannual dental cleanings, an emergency dental visit, or procedures – including fillings, root canals, tooth extractions, crowns, periodontics, and more – dental insurance will ultimately save you money.

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Four Dental Insurance Facts for College Students in Wisconsin

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