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Dental Insurance for St. Croix County

Affordable Dental Insurance for Individuals, Families and Businesses throughout St. Croix County

St. Croix County affordable dental coverage

Momentum Plans provides dependable, flexible dental coverage to St. Croix County residents. We offer two comprehensive plans—Gold or Platinum—comprised of suitable coverage for uninsured individuals, businesses and families of any size. Pay $50 or $150 in dental insurance per month based on your needs. Protect your smile with Momentum dental insurance.

Our network includes qualified dental care providers across Wisconsin, making it easy for you to find a dentist that meets your needs. Enroll in St. Croix County’s best dental insurance online, or call us today to discuss your options: 608-729-6500.

We understand that each individual had unique dental health needs. Every St. Croix County resident should pursue dental coverage benefits that are right for you.

Our affordable oral health insurance plans cover:

Providing Dental Insurance Benefits to Your Employees

Deciding to include a dental insurance plan in your employees’ benefit package has a direct impact on improving your employees’ quality of life. When this essential need for their well-being is covered, they can focus on work and building relationships with coworkers. Improve your employees’ productivity and reduce sick days. With Momentum, group dental plans are completely customizable and affordable.

Providing dental benefits can be the difference between a qualified potential employee accepting or declining a position. Customize your group dental plan to meet your business’s needs. Many employees will pay for their premiums entirely and are looking for a group dental insurance plan for convenience. Employee premiums can even come out of pre-taxed dollars. Get in touch with us today to work out a plan that suits your business.

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If you’re wondering what your group dental plan options are, contact us online for a group quote or get started by calling 608-729-6500.

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Looking For Affordable Dental Care in St. Croix County?

Dental Care for Families

St. Croix County family dental care

Whether you are single or married, dental health can seem like a minor priority in your life. It can be easy to skip biannual teeth cleanings and get by with few consequences. You may momentarily wonder if it’s worth having dental insurance. However, once children join your family, the story changes. Your concern for good oral health increases because you want the best for their, and your own, overall health. As your family grows, so will the cost of your dental insurance. Momentum provides trustworthy dental plans for families and military families that are reasonable in price and high in quality. Enroll online to get dental insurance on your own today or call us to learn more.

Dental Care for Seniors over 65

Retirement is a glorious age, but it comes with a greater need for dental health. More than a regular dental checkups, you may find yourself as a retiree needing root canals, dentures, and crown procedures. The lower quality and standards of dental care 50 years ago may now be taking their toll on your oral health. Momentum offers individual dental insurance plan for seniors to cover the cost of many dental procedures, including 50% coverage for crowns, periodontics, bridges, dentures, and root canal therapy. Sign up for the best dental insurance for seniors today!

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