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Dental Insurance for Space Maintainers

Get Affordable Spacers for Children under 15

Dental Insurance for Space Maintainers WisconsinMomentum Insurance in Wisconsin offers individual and group dental plans to provide affordable dental care, including space maintainers for children under 15 years of age.

Space maintainers are placeholders for permanent teeth. These spacers are essential when a baby tooth (or primary tooth) is lost prematurely or a permanent tooth erupts late. If the gap is left unfilled for too long, the child’s other teeth are not properly supported and may move out of position, leading to a variety of other problems.
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Individual Dental Plans for Dental Spacers

Momentum’s individual dental insurance plans for families let you get space maintainers for your child with no waiting period! Our Gold Plan offers 80% coverage, and our Platinum Plan provides 100% coverage and no deductible.

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Group Insurance Plans Cover Spacers

Momentum’s group dental plans are customizable. With an employer-sponsored or employee-sponsored plan, choose the amount of coverage available for diagnostic and preventative services like space maintainers. Get a quote on a group dental insurance plan for your Wisconsin business, and keep your employees (and their families) smiling.

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