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Dental Insurance that Covers Sealants

Dental Sealant Insurance Limitations

Dental Insurance that Covers Sealant WisconsinSealants are a thin protective coating for your teeth, greatly reducing the damage caused by acids in food and minimizing the risk of tooth decay. This preventative measure significantly reduces the long-term risk of tooth decay. Depending on your dental insurance from Momentum Plans in Wisconsin, you may not have to pay for sealants at all.
Sealants can be applied the same day without surgical instruments or anesthetics. Typically applied by age 13, sealants wear over time and need to be replaced.

Individual Dental Coverage for Sealants

All individual Momentum dental plans offer discount savings on regularly priced dental services through DHA. These include sealants, fillings and more. Gold Plan dependents 13 and younger receive 80% coverage on sealants with no waiting period. Platinum Plan dependents 13 and younger are fully covered and have zero deductible.

Gold and Platinum individual coverage on sealants is limited to dependents age 13 and younger on the first & second permanent molars only, once per tooth.

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Group Dental Coverage on Sealants

Group dental plans allow employees or employers to select coverage on a number of services, including sealants. Regardless of coverage, all Momentum Plans beneficiaries receive courtesy discounts on regularly priced DHA dental services.

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