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Momentum Insurance provides affordable dental coverage accepted by dentists in and near Rhinelander. Signing up for dental plans takes only four minutes, and you can schedule your first check-up within a day at a dentist who accepts Momentum near you, or one of dozens of providers across Wisconsin

Momentum dental insurance plans are flexible, allowing you to pay what you need to cover your or your family’s care; compare insurance options and select the plan that’s right for you. Plans cover all residents of Rhinelander including minors, seniors, college students, veterans, families, and more

Find a dentist in Rhinelander who accepts Momentum Dental Insurance and enroll for coverage in just 4 minutes.

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The Cost of dental insurance in Wisconsin

Momentum insurance plans reduce dental costs by fully covering regular checkups at dozens of dentistry’s in Rhinelander and throughout Wisconsin—all at an affordable rate for you. Other dental services covered by Momentum insurance include dentures, crowns, fillings, implant maintenance, emergency pain relief, and cleanings.

Those who don't have dental insurance or can’t always pay out-of-pocket miss regular checkups and cleanings, which can turn minor oral issues into major health conditions. Keep you and your family safe from easily avoidable oral problems with an affordable dental plan from Momentum:

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Individual dental insurance benefits and options

Individual Dental Insurance Milwaukee WIAffordable Premiums           Low Deductions          Wide range of coverage

 Accepted throughout Wisconsin              Online bill paying

Momentum Insurance plans cater to cost-efficient residents throughout Wisconsin. We’ve helped families and individuals alike get the dental coverage they needed to cover the basic procedures they deserve. Individuals who have benefited from affordable dental coverage include:

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Improve your business with Group Dental Insurance 

Group Dental Insurance Plans MKE

Rhinelander businesses can trust Momentum to create the perfect group dental plans for their employee compensation packages. Dental insurance is a prominent concern for employees with a family, health issues, or dental problems. Momentum can create custom group dental plans that insure braces, implants, and other dental procedures our individual plans don't cover. We offer customized annual maximums and a variety of deductibles to ensure plans match your employees' needs.

With tax incentives for employees and employee premiums paid through payroll deductions of pretax dollars, group dental insurance is more affordable than ever. Keep your workers happy and healthy with Momentum.

Contact our Wisconsin dental insurance company for more information on individual or group plans.

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