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Does Dental Insurance Cover Oral Surgery?

Momentum Keeps Down the Cost of Dental Insurance

Dental plans generally only cover oral surgery costs if it is directly related to dental health. Extractions or root canals would be considered an applicable oral surgery by a dental insurance plan. Surgery on the tongue or throat, despite being oral surgeries, would not be covered. When you are looking for affordable dental insurance with diagnostic, preventative, and basic restorative services, Momentum Plans has you covered. From bi-annual cleanings and exams to fillings and simple tooth extractions, our dental plans provide coverage for common services to help you maintain overall health.

To help keep down the costs of dental insurance, our plans ensure you don’t pay for services you don’t need. Since oral surgery is not required by most people, it is not typically covered under the majority of dental plans. Momentum group plans can be customized to offer coverage for additional services, including oral surgery.

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Financing for Oral Surgery in Wisconsin

Since most dental insurance plans do not include coverage for oral surgery, many providers offer financing options to help make the procedure more affordable. Certain oral procedures are actually covered by general health insurance. If you have specific questions on payment plans for oral surgery, contact your dental provider.

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