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Dental Insurance for Large Businesses

Flexible Dental Insurance for Large Wisconsin CompaniesLarge business dental insurance plans through Momentum

Benefits such as health and dental insurance often lead to increased wellness and job satisfaction among employees. Whether your business has 50 or 500 workers, Momentum helps you customize the most cost-effective dental insurance options to retain employees and improve their overall health.

Momentum offers more dental plan flexibility than other providers, helping you customize plans based on your company’s size and needs. As a result, you and your employees won’t pay for any items you don’t want. Our large business dental insurance representatives will help you set an exact percentage of coverage for cleanings, exams, basic care, major procedures, oral surgeries, and other services. Customize a single plan or allow employees to choose from several tiered coverage options.

For a free quote on dental insurance for your large business, contact Momentum representatives. 

Affordable Dental Plan Options

Momentum offers a variety of dental coverage plans for large businesses. Whether you plan to pay for coverage as an employer-sponsored plan or offer discounted coverage through an employee-sponsored plan, our representatives will help you determine the most cost-effective option to meet the needs of your employees.

Contact our insurance representatives to discuss dental plan options for your large Wisconsin business.