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Dental Insurance For Kids In Wisconsin

Keep Your Children Smiling and Your Wallet Happy with Dental Coverage from Momentum 

Their teeth may be little, but your child’s dental bills can still be big. Childhood dental procedures range in scope and cost; dental plans from Momentum keep your costs low and help build good dental habits that will last a lifetime. Don’t let a lack of dental insurance damage your child’s bright, beautiful smile; get them the coverage they need from Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. 

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Dental Coverage for Kids MadisonIt might be tempting to think your child’s baby teeth aren’t that important, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Proper care of baby teeth ensures a healthy pathway for the growth of adult teeth. Extraction due to tooth decay and other common habits (like using a pacifier too long or thumb sucking) will affect the way adult teeth grow in and increase the likelihood of braces in the future. According to the CDC, the number of cavities in kids between two and five has increased significantly in recent years as well. This comes as no surprise as the popularity of cavity-causing foods and drinks are on a never-ending rise. Dentists recommend your child's first dental appointment should be scheduled after the appearance of the first tooth. 

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Avoiding Costly Dental Visits

Painful cavities, expensive braces, and more can all be avoided with simple routine dental visits. Momentum Insurance Plans, Inc. makes routine dental visits affordable. 

While you may not need dental insurance for yourself or the whole family, it is imperative to your children’s long-term oral and overall health they receive dental care from a qualified professional. See our individual dental insurance plans for more information and rates on single dental plans. 

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How Much Does a Teeth Cleaning Cost Without Insurance?

The average child doesn’t require regular dental services that go beyond one or two general cleanings a year. Though unlike adults, it is important for children to have regular fluoride treatments for strong and healthy teeth. National average cost for a general cleaning without insurance is $127. Choosing the right dental plan with Momentum could result in 80-100% coverage. 

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