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Kenosha Dental Coverage

High-Quality, Affordable Dental Insurance in Kenosha

Kenosha Dental InsuranceAlthough Kenosha is home to some large employers, many of the city’s 100,000+ residents either have no dental insurance or are paying far too much for the coverage they have. Momentum Dental Insurance is here to change that.

With affordably priced dental plans for individuals, families and businesses, there’s no reason to go without dental care any longer, or to overpay for it. Momentum Dental has a plan for every situation. Whether you're a student, a retiree, in-between jobs, or working for a company that doesn't offer dental insurance, you don't have to go without dental insurance and routine dental care.  

Wondering what dentists in Kenosha are covered through Momentum Dental Insurance plans? Use the link below to find out. Chances are there’s one near you!

Sharing Smiles with Patients of Every Age & Lifestyle

Which dental plan is right for you? Before you agree on an insurance plan, consider your age and overall health.

Momentum Insurance provides dental insurance for all stages of life, including:

Switching to another dental insurance plan as you age is smart. The more procedures and surgies required, the more coverage you need. Contact Momentum today for more info.

Choose from Momentum’s Gold or Platinum Plans

  Network Single 2 Adult Family 3-4 Person Family* Single Over 65 Couple Over 65
Platinum Commercial $44.05 $85.05 $148.05 $45.75 $89.75
Gold Commercial $37.77 $73.77 $126.57 $38.65 $74.65

*Pricing based upon a 3-4 Person Family. For more than 4 family members, add $25.00 for each additional member. Rates are subject to change. Confirm current rates with our Sales Department by calling 608.729.6500.

View Plan Deductibles, Coverage of Dental Services, and Annual Maximum Benefits OR Plan Exclusions.

Dental Plans for Businesses

If you are looking into group dental plans for your employees, consider Momentum Dental Insurance. Our plans offer customized annual maximums and a variety of deductible options to ensure affordable, quality care for all your employees. Premiums can be paid through payroll deductions of pretax dollars, making coverage even more affordable. Learn more today. 

Contact our Wisconsin Dental Insurance Company for more information on individual or group plans.