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Dental Health Insurance for Infants

Wisconsin Newborns Grow Up Smiling With Momentum Insurance

Dental Coverage for Infants WisconsinMomentum individual plans for families are perfect for Wisconsinites with new babies and young infants. Our family plans cover biannual dental checkups, emergency care, and regular fluoride treatments for children ages 0-19, and our flexible payment options and partnerships with dozens of Wisconsin’s top dentists guarantees you won’t break the bank getting your infant quality oral health care. Don't wait to get dental care for your kids; sign up for Momentum in less than 4 minutes online and schedule your first appointment today.

Momentum's Network Spans Wisconsin

Momentum dentists can be found across Wisconsin. Family practitioners and specialized endodontists and periodontists accept Momentum. Our team of premier dentists provides comprehensive oral health care. Search our network to see if your dentist accepts Momentum or to find a Momentum dentist near you.

Momentum partners with the Dental Health Associates of Madison to offer a special discount deal on Madison-area Momentum plans. Find a DHA provider near you and get Madison's finest dentistry at its best possible price.

Dental Health Insurance for Infants and Toddlers

                New babies aren’t born with teeth, but dental health insurance is still crucial for infants to ensure healthy tooth growth. Semiannual checkups and cavity prevention in your newborn’s first five years will guarantee they have a healthy smile, fewer corrective procedures, and lower dental bills for the rest of their life. The first five years of a child’s life contain more dental health milestones than any other period. Having dental health coverage guarantees you can provide the best care for your child’s developing smile.


Dental Health Milestones

Oral Care

Newborns (0-4 months)

Newborns don’t have teeth, but their gums will already be developing. Clean them after feeding with a moistened washcloth wrapped around your index finger, gently massaging the tissue.

Tooth decay is caused by bacteria which can be transferred from person to person. Take care to clean your child’s bottle before feeding to prevent tooth infection.

Infants (4-12 months)

Infants begin teething between four and seven months. This may be uncomfortable for your infant; give them a cold teething ring or chilled washcloth to reduce swelling of the gums and saliva flow.

Check your child’s teeth regularly for small white or brown spots, which may be a sign of tooth decay. You should schedule a check-up with a dentist after your infant’s first tooth comes in to identify potential teething problems and discuss your infant’s dental hygiene.

1-year olds

Most children begin drinking from a cup in the months after their first birthday.

Your child now has enough teeth to be brushed! Use a soft-bristled children’s toothbrush and help your children brush twice a day. Good habits are built early.

Schedule biannual dental appointments to check up on your child’s developing teeth. If your water isn’t fluoridated, ask your dentist about infant fluoride treatments.

2-year olds

By two and a half, most infants develop a complete set of children’s teeth.

You can begin brushing with small amounts of toothpaste—teach your child to spit out the toothpaste and not swallow it.

3-year olds

By three years old, most children will have stopped sucking on a pacifier or their thumb. Talk with your dentist if your child continues to do so after age 3.

Continue to regularly bring your child to dental check-ups and look for signs of tooth decay. Preventing early childhood cavities keeps gums healthy and saves your child from tooth extractions, eventually straightening and strengthening adult teeth.

4-years and up

Momentum Insurance family plans support Wisconsin families as their children continue to grow and develop, from infancy to adulthood. Learn the next steps after infancy (kids page).

Best Dental Insurance for Infants in Madison

Momentum Insurance makes dental coverage easy and affordable. Momentum’s family plans are built to give families with newborn children high-quality and thorough care that supports children into adulthood. We offer plans the cover basic check-ups, common dental procedures, and intensive dental surgeries all at superior rates in Wisconsin.

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