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Dental Insurance for Gum Disease

Avoid Gum Disease with Preventative Care Covered by Momentum Plans

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, can range in severity from red and tender gums to tooth loss and heart disease. While gum disease is common, it is also easily treatable and preventable with routine care covered with Momentum dental insurance.

Our affordable dental plans are available to groups and individuals, providing coverage of diagnostic, preventative, and basic restorative services. With regular cleanings and exams, you drastically lower your chances of gum disease and the need for more costly dental treatment.

When you choose our Gold or Platinum dental plans, you receive coverage of additional dental services, including Periodontics to treat gum disease. Contact the dental plan representatives at Momentum to discuss your coverage options.

Momentum Helps You Find a Quality In-Network Provider

We are continuously growing our network to make it easier for you to find a high-quality provider located near your home or work. Choose from our large network of dental professionals or invite your current dentist to join our network.

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